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The minds of young children are tender and impressionable. To ease them into the realities of this world, artists had devised ‘cartoons’, which are caricatures of humans, as well as of flora and fauna. These caricatures are made to look absurdly funny, with some features like their faces, hands and feet intentionally blown out of proportion, as are their characteristics. While rivalry exists in cartoons and so do the binaries of good and evil, they are portrayed in a harmless fashion, a simple black and white. Cartoons are made to communicate to children certain necessary values and acquaint them with some social norms and behaviours.CN Remix Comic Magazine

Growing up, cartoons play a major role in the lives of children. One of the most popular TV channels dedicated to cartoons is Cartoon Network, or CN, in short. Quite recently, CN launched their own magazine-comic hybrid – CN Remix, which features the same cartoon characters that brought fame to CN and smiles to millions of children. An estimated readership of 1200000 makes CN Remix Comic a spectacularly popular magazine.

Always a hit with children, having enjoyed successes in Europe and the US, CN Remix is also a hit with advertisers, thanks to their immense reach. Booking your ads on this magazine has also never been easier, thanks to the work of leading magazine advertising agency, releaseMyAd, who have enabled advertisers to book their ads on CN Remix Comic and other magazines over the internet. The booking process is simple, and has been explained below:

  • Choose where on the magazine copy you would like to advertise.
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  • Provide us with your business details to view and decide upon the advertising rates.
  • In this step, you can supply us with your ad creative if you have one. If you do not possess one, you can ask us to create one for you.
  • Select the dates you would like to run your campaign.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

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