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Health is a major concern for a lot of men today, irrespective of their social, economic and religious backgrounds. Today, more than a handful of men prescribe to elaborate diets, consume supplements and sweat it out at the gym in an attempt to shed excess weight, or gain more, or maintain their bulk, all in the quest to reach optimum levels of fitness and health. The word of many health experts go on to tell us that the key to someone’s fitness lies not only with the physical aspects, but also concerns the mental and emotional aspects of said person. The latter aspects are oft ignored by most men, which is where illustrious magazine Men’s Health comes in.Men'sHealth_magazine

Men’s Health is a recognized men’s lifestyle magazine, which enjoys unparalleled popularity in 47 countries. What makes Men’s Health such a popular magazine is the fact that it is tailor-made for “the regular guy”, which sets it apart from many of its peers, which tend to take up an elitist role in an attempt to attract readership from the cream of the society. The magazine is renowned for providing readers with a large number of ways to reach optimum levels of health. Whereas the universal focus for the health conscious is directed toward engaging in rigorous physical exercise, Men’s Health suggests readers to seek, in addition to the former, a series of alternative methods such as travelling, nutrition, personal grooming and relationship advice. This goes with their philosophy that a healthy body and a healthy mind are co-dependent on one another.

Men’s Health enjoys an exceptional circulation of 85,000, and an approximate readership that exceeds 2,25,000. Due to their exceptional readership numbers, and the excellent editorials of the magazine, it has gained quite a reputation among advertisers, who are all of the opinion that this magazine is an exceptional advertising platform. Despite such demand, booking an ad on Men’s Health Magazine is easy, thanks to the work of leading magazine ad agency, releaseMyAd. You can now book your ads online thanks to releaseMyAd. The booking process is exceedingly uncomplicated, and has been explained below:

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