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With experience amounting to almost a hundred years and with a circulation that spans more than 70 countries over the world, Reader’s Digest is an institution in the magazine world. Started in 1922 by World War veteran DeWitt Wallace, an American citizen, Reader’s Digest was quickly accepted and embraced by society. The success of the magazine took Wallace by surprise, who expected an annual income of no more than $5000, but in a span of 7 years, the magazine was already raking in $900000 annually. Reader’s Digest features articles from a wide range of topics.readers-digest

Reader’s Digest India covers a host of national and international news stories of significance, people’s experiences in dealing with harsh challenges, inspirational stories, rib-tickling humour and the smartest of one liners that will make you chuckle. The Indian edition of Reader’s Digest was first published in 1954, and soon gained popularity. Within a few years, the magazine was publishing 40,000 copies, which was a lot considering the time period. Today, the magazine publishes 6,31,000 copies per month, and a reported 18,93,000 people read it, which is nothing short of astonishing!

The interesting thing about Reader’s Digest is that it has something for all age groups. For kids, there is a section dedicated to expanding their vocabulary, quirky riddles for teenagers to solve, a number of in depth articles that inspire critical thinking for adults. Effectively, if you were to advertise in Reader’s Digest, you could reach technically all factions of the English speaking community.

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