Advertising in Frontline simply makes your brand name be a part of the front line!!!



As most of you news buffs must be aware that Frontline is among India’s most popular newsmagazine published on a fortnightly basis by the renowned The Hindu Group of publications, situated at Chennai. In spite of being owned by a Newspaper Publishing house located in Southern India, Frontline is a magazine which is famous in various regions of India.

This fact simply suggests that your target audience base largely expands when you. Though the Frontline is known for covering serious newsworthy issues but the advertising scope for varied names and products is not limited in any way. One of the main reasons to advertise in Frontline is its tremendous popularity and opportunity to advertise under varied fields.

magazine-ad-booking-page-releasemyadSince it covers mainly current affairs of different fields, it ensures a variety of audiences along with the fact that the brands associated with Frontline are taken quite seriously and are revered names.promote your brand name in the Frontline. It covers topics beginning with politics, economy and science to subjects related to books, art & culture, cinema as well as literature and language. The variety of topics covered by the Frontline makes it easy to advertise any brand dealing with retail, education business and even travel.

So the popularity and reader variety of the Frontline magazine contributes to the popularity, name and audience variety for your brand. It also ensures an explicit reach for your brand name increasing its value in the eyes of the readers.

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