R C Parekh Jewellers benefits immensely by using releaseMyAd’s Media Plan

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R C Parekh Jewellery


Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers has been in the business for more than fifty years and had established a loyal customer base which understood that the brand Ramesh Chandra Parekh stood for quality jewellery. But with cut-throat competition and an increase in the number of jewellery stores in and around the city, R C Parekh realized the need of a concentrated marketing campaign to stop its loyal customer base from choosing another jewellery retailer. They contacted releaseMyAd to develop a custom made media plan for them.


The jewellery retailer asked us to ensure the successful completion of its three-fold objectives which included

  1. Brand Reinforcement in face of increased competition
  2. Increase sales.
  3. Sales Promotion


Research – releaseMyAd initiated a simple survey to find out the location of R C Parekh’s customers. It called up all the customers who had recently made a purchase from one of their outlets which showed a majority of the customers were located clustered around its showrooms. Hence, it was decided to use cinema advertising to target this market. Two of its showrooms were located in Howrah and Kolkata and the two closest multiplexes to it were Inox Forum and PVR Howrah. The decision to use those two theaters was thus easily agreed upon. It main aim was to fulfill the business objective of brand reinforcement.

The client’s second goal was to boost sales and our analysts determined the best way to achieve it would be to attract new customers from other parts of the city. There were bigger jewellery retailers available in Kolkata who had larger marketing budgets so penetrating such a competitive market might prove to be a bit difficult for R C Parekh jewellers. Thus, a decision was taken to focus mainly on specific suburbs rather than the actual city itself. Liluah was chosen for this purpose, it being located in close proximity to Howrah where the jewellers had a retail outlet was an added advantage. So Inox Liluah was added to the list of theaters where R C Parekh would run their advertisements.

Due to budget constraints, it was agreed that the best option for R C Parekh would be to only show the ads in two screens per multiplex. The screens with the greatest number of seats were chosen for this purpose. The target market remained constant in all three places, the upper middle-class consumer with a high spending power and a sufficient amount of disposable income.

Also, ads in the Wedding Times magazine were booked to get across to more target customers. This monthly magazine had a dual advantage. As the magazine is circulated free of cost with the Times of India, it reaches more households than any other magazine. And, it being a magazine, the Wedding Times has a longer shelf life. Both these factors added to our advantage.

Media Planning – The following media plan was finally agreed upon.

  • Advertising Type – Cinema Advertising & Magazine
  • Location – Kolkata, Howrah & Liluah
  • Demographic – Upper Middle-Class Consumers
  • Media Vehicle –
  1. Inox Forum (Screens 3 & 4), PVR Howrah (Screens 2 & 3) and Inox Liluah (Screens 1 & 2)
  2. Wedding Times
  • Ad Duration –
  1. 10-second mute slides before and during all screenings for 30 days
  2. Full Page ad in magazine
  • Language –
  1. English & Hindi fonts on the mute slides
  2. English body copy  in Magazine

Creative – The slides were created by releaseMyAd according to the guidelines given to us by the client. It sought to highlight the very best of the products they had to show their most exotic designs and best jewellery collections. It also informed the viewers about the discount scheme that existed for the duration of the media campaign in simple and lucid language to avoid any confusion regarding its detail and length. There was one separate slide which explicitly mentioned that how a piece of jewellery worth ten lakhs can be availed at nine lakhs during this period as an example to demonstrate how effective the discount scheme was. Both the language and the presentation on the slides had a professional polish that differentiated it from similar ads playing in the cinema hall which were a result of our highly skilled creative department.

On the other hand, our magazine ad was a delight to behold. The ad concentrated on the upcoming festival of RAKHI and mentioned the address of their retail outlet.


The company had immediate measurable benefits arising out of the campaign which included:

  • Boost in sales figure of the retailer across both its outlets
  • Data collected shows that the buyer concentration is not just cluttered around the outlets anymore which proved the success of the campaign in expanding the retailer’s customer base.
  • Foot traffic was especially increased during the period when the discount was offered justifying the sales promotion measure.

To clarify any general doubt you might have about booking ads over cinema, you may visit our exhaustive FAQ section. To book ads anywhere in India across any medium, you may visit releaseMyAd or you can also call 09830629298.