Teacher’s Training Institute of Northern India run Trial Newspaper Ads for Admissions


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Many regions and education sectors in India are in dire need for professors and teachers. There are several institutes in India which train and provide courses for prospective teachers in elementary and high schools. BrightLine Academy is one such institute where there are courses for teachers training as well as availability of B.Ed. courses. The owner Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singla, describes his experience with newspaper advertising in the field of education.

Q. Please describe the nature of your work?

Teacher’s Training Colleges in India

A. BrightLine Academy is a teacher’s training institute which also provides B.Ed. courses to prospective teachers. We basically are a consultant through which students in such courses are admitted in different Universities or teacher’s training colleges in India. Students or interested candidates approach us to get admitted into B.Ed. courses from across India. We have tie-ups with different colleges and universities pursuing or teaching such courses.

Q. Why did you need to advertise?

A. One of the Universities with whom we have a tie-up, was admitting students interested in acquiring Teacher’s Training Courses or getting admitted in B.Ed. courses. The admissions had closed when we had published the advertisement, but we wanted to run a trial advert to see the kind of responses and number of responses we receive for the admissions. Since it was a new University with which we had tied-up, we intended to gauge the possible situation for the next year before going for a full-fledge advertising campaign.

Q. Who were your target audience?

B.Ed classes In College Associated with BrightLine Academy

A. We mainly wanted to reach out to graduates, who have specialized in any field and want to teach in a similar field. We advertised mainly across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as the University was located in an area close to both these states.

Q. How effective was newspaper advertising? Will you invest in newspaper advertising in future?

A. Since it was a trial ad, we didn’t intend to convert any of the responses but we did want to see the number of responses for the University. We received quite good and genuine responses for the advertisement but could not materialize them into admissions as the admissions had already been closed by then.

In future we need to advertise in newspapers for admission related notices as well as promotional purposes and this was just a trailer to our upcoming newspaper advertising campaign, so yes we do intend to advertise in future as well.

Q. Why did you book your newspaper ad through an online portal like releaseMyAd?

Admissions Notice Ads in Newspapers

A. Honestly, I didn’t know what else to do. I am from Punjab and my consultancy is also located here, but I need to advertise in different locations of India. So going to an agent in different cities, especially for regional newspapers or to the publishing houses directly is an impossible and highly time consuming method. Whereas through a single website I can access, review rates and book ads in English as well as regional newspapers and make the payment conveniently too.

Q. How was your experience with releaseMyAd’s booking process?

A. Oh, it was wonderful! It was a relief as I really didn’t know what other options are available to me offline for booking newspaper ads.  The entire process was quite easy and hassle free. The website was quite easy to navigate and I could complete the uploading and booking of my ad in just a few minutes. The services of releaseMyAd are quite exceptional.

Firstly, it is a joyful moment to actually speak to such endearing customers and secondly we are really glad that we could help him out with exactly the problem he was facing. We are also grateful to him for giving us so much time, such fantastic reviews and for choosing our services. To know more about us, please visit: origin-of-newspaper-advertising