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The concerns of the world we live trouble and intrigue all of us equally. Sure, no two people can say that their interests and priorities are completely aligned, but there exist a few things that many feel are important to stay updated on. Fields like politics, economics, current affairs and sports are concerns which help instil in us a sense of identity. With phenomena such as brain drain and the like gaining prevalence in our society, it is imperative that we shroud ourselves in a sense of belonging by educating ourselves more about what is going on in our country.India Today Magazine

Information is the ultimate wealth, as many say, and India Today conveniently reflects these exact sentiments. Covering a host of relevant topics such as the latest in politics, economics, arts, lifestyle, science, technology, travel, wellness, health and entertainment, India Today’s distinct editorial style, coupled with their excellent standard of designing, photography and journalism, India Today enjoys the unique distinction of being the highest selling English magazine in all of Asia. India Today boasts of a circulation of 1000000 magazines per week, and an estimated readership of 17 lakh readers, approximately.

The kind of articles that are published in India Today are of relevance to a large and varying demographic that includes working professionals, retirees, businessmen, consultants, and an increasing number of youngsters who are interested in events of national and global significance. Advertisers find it very convenient and profitable to advertise in India Today Magazine, because they can reach a huge number of people from varying backgrounds effectively. Apart from that, because this magazine is generally showered with accolades due to their standard of journalism, ads which appear alongside these articles or anywhere else in the magazine, for that matter, are automatically held in high regard.

So what does it take for you to advertise for your brand in India Today? Not much, thanks to releaseMyAd’s online advertisement booking portal. Initially started as a newspaper advertising agency in 2009, releaseMyAd has grown in leaps and bounds, having services more than 1.5 lakh customers, and having expanded advertising options from only newspapers to cinema, radio, the internet, magazine and newspapers. Today, you can book your ads on India Today via releaseMyAd in a few simple steps, which have been explained in detail below:

  • Visit releaseMyAd’s dedicated India Today
  • View the available options of ad placement and subsequent dimensions of ad space. The cost of advertising is dependent on which page of the magazine you advertise on and the dimensions of your advertisement.
  • Once you have found your choice of ad space, click the button next to the dimensions to get rates by providing releaseMyAd with your business and contact
  • Now you can view the rates and pick one depending on your budget. Click on the red button next to your preferred ad size and you’re all set to move forward.
  • This step requires you to share with us your ad creative. If you do not possess one, you can ask us to design one for you once you provide us with an image, your logo, and your tagline/catchphrase.
  • Once you’ve dealt with your ad creative, proceed to book the dates for your campaign.
  • Last, clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

If you have any questions regarding magazine advertising or the booking process, feel free to mail us at, or call us on 09830688443.