Advertising in Mahilaratnam Magazine Simplified by releaseMyAd


Life can be drab and mechanical for housewives completing the same old chores every day. Television is a medium for entertainment and killing time, but even that can become a monotonous routine. Magazines provide women the kind of personal space and entertainment which other mediums cannot fulfill.

A magazine can not only change the monotony of work but it can help them rejuvenate entirely. One such popular magazine is Mahilaratnam. Launched in 1990, this Malayalam journal is meant for the homemakers of the society. It caters to the diversified interests of women of all age groups and is targeted towards the educated and independent housewives.390_thumb_1

Mahilaratnam consists of articles and insights related to Fashion, Cuisine, Beautification, Dress, Health, Housekeeping and many more fields. This in turn generates the opportunity for advertising. Since magazines enjoy personal attention, advertising on these magazines can be a profitable proposition. Here arises the need of choosing a competent advertising agency and releaseMyAd fits in perfectly.

releaseMyAd is an online advertising platform meant to take your magazine advertising campaign to new heights. Our cost efficient and impeccable service makes us the go to destination for magazine advertising. Booking an ad in Mahilaratnam via releaseMyAd is made easy through these steps:

  • Decide on the position of your advertisement whether it should be in the front, back, front back, etc.
  • Finalize the size of the advertisement as per your requirement (full page, half page, strip and double strip)
  • Fill up your personal details (Name, contact, Email id) and also the details of your business.
  • Upload your own creative or let our experts prepare it for you.
  • Confirm the date when you want your advertisement to appear in the magazine.
  • Complete the necessary payment options via Online and Offline methods.

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