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The first magazine was introduced in 17th century Germany, a publication called, “Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen”. It was a periodical that dealt with philosophy, and ran for 6 years from 1663 to 1668. The concept, not the content, was what made this publication instrumental in the birth of the magazine industry. This publication inspired a number of similarly themed periodicals, and held the key for the conception of magazines as we know them today.

The first instance of advertisements in magazines came in The Gentleman’s Magazine, a London periodical of the mid 18th century. As the years rolled by, magazines gained popularity, gradually branching into numerous different categories. Today, magazines span across numerous interests and cater to various different categories of people. Fashion magazines are among the most popular magazines that are published today, a fair reflection of the numerous achievements and recognitions experienced by the fashion industry.

There are numerous advantages of advertising in magazines, as have been listed below:

  • Magazines are highly targeted periodicals, and a particular magazine is often religiously followed by only a certain industry of professionals. This is clearly not a negative issue, as advertisements that feature in these magazines are highly targeted and influences a product’s brand recall value.
  • Magazines offer businesses the ability to advertise using high quality images, as most magazines use glossy paper. Ads look more attractive on glossy paper, and results in a positive impact on the readers.
  • Magazines are usually published monthly, and, as a result, they have a higher shelf-life than newspapers. In addition to that, a number of public offices such as airports and medical clinics store magazines for visitors to read while waiting for services.
  • Magazines generally contain a number of articles that provide in depth analyses, thereby enhancing the standard of quality of the associated advertisements present in the magazine.

One of the most famous fashion magazines in India is Times Fashionistique, which enjoys a huge circulation base, to the tune of 300000, and a readership that is thrice that amount, almost 1000000. To book your ads on this very popular magazine, you can take the help of releaseMyAd.

Booking an ad on Times Fashionistique is simple, 100% online and involves the following simple steps:

  • Choose where you would like your ad to be published. For example, you can choose if you want to advertise in front page, back page, or anywhere else.
  • Choose the size of the ad. You can take your pick of full page, half page, strip and double strip.
  • Following that, provide your business details to proceed with booking.
  • You can either upload your own ad creatives, or ask us to do it for you.
  • Following that, you can proceed to select the date for your ad’s publishing.
  • Clear payment.

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