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The southern part of India is well known for their exceptional print industry. A number of top publications call Kerala their home, and among them is Mathrubhumi, the most popular newspaper of Kerala. Mathrubhumi’s publication house is also known for printing Grihalakshmi, a remarkable magazine catering to women. Published in Malayalam, the magazine is loved equally by Keralite women of varying income groups and social constructs. The basic goal of the magazine is to empower women in all spheres of life.advertising in Grihalaksmi Magazine

The first edition of the magazine was published in 1979, and has since then flourished and prospered. Over the years, their main focus has never shifted, and their primary audience has always been women. Grihalakshmi is known for their gripping articles on maintaining a positive attitude, practicing the principles of efficiency and patience in all spheres of life and some exceptional interviews. Apart from that, you can find articles on cooking, fitness, health, lifestyle, fashion and the like. The magazine also helps introduce new elements in the lives of its readers, by discussing interesting new hobbies in their lives. The magazine also hopes to acquaint women to child care by regularly including sections concerning the health, education and welfare of children.

Grihalakshmi enjoys great circulation, with 3,60,000 copies printed per month. The estimated readership of the magazine is close to 10,10,000. A large majority of the magazine’s subscribers are from its state of origin, Kerala. Since the magazine targets females of all ages, many young girls who start reading the magazine in their adolescence develop a liking to the magazine and continue reading it even after they leave the state for academic or career pursuits, further increasing the magazine’s readership. Apart from that, the magazine has a high shelf life, and can be frequently chanced upon in parlours, salons and hairdressers’, as well as at airports and doctors’ chambers.

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