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With more than three billion people on the planet flying in a year, several entertainment modes have come up inside the aircraft. An in-flight magazine is one of them, which is considered to be one of the most useful out of all. According to studies, more than 80% of passengers read the magazines placed in front of them, and 75% can identify at least one ad they flipped through.

Shubh Yashubh-yatra-magazine-adstra, is an exclusive monthly bilingual magazine, published in English and Hindi. It is the inflight magazine placed in Air India. The magazine was formed after the merger of Indian Airlines and Air India in June 2011, instead of the magazines Swagat and Namaskaar. The magazine is placed in both domestic and international flights as well as the lounges at airports and offices. The magazine incorporates information for all the inflight entertainment, passengers, industry, lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, bollywood, culture, current affairs, etc. It induces a sense of mindfulness in a large number of fields amongst all the passengers such as entrepreneurs, tourists, professionals, famous personalities, women, children and the youth.

Apart from this, the magazine gets an opportunity to be placed in one of the most prestigious airlines of the country. This airline flies to more than 90 destinations which gives it a large readership of 2.7 million. Just a year back in 2014, Air India joined Star Alliance, the global leading airline network which caters to 21,000 flights a day. This boosted the reputation of this airline and additionally the magazine.

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