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In an Age when digital advertising has become a Rage, let’s explore advertising on a Magazine Page.

You must be wondering why magazine advertising when everyone is busy promoting their company or product on online platforms, TV and radio stations. A sneak peek into the possible advantages of magazine advertising will help you understand better.

Magazine-Reader Relationship: Users pick a magazine they like to read. Research states you tend to stick to the things you choose. Reading your favourite magazine can be compared to talking to a friend about your likes and dislikes. Therefore such an engaging medium that provokes thought should always be the first choice for advertisers.Magazine Ad

Advertiser benefits from Magazine-Reader Relationship: The history of magazine advertising clearly indicated advertisers benefit from the growing relationship between magazines and its readers. Magazines are always read during ones free time. A reader pays his undivided attention while browsing through magazine pages. Therefore ads are seen & absorbed, essential in generating interest and a long lasting impression on the reader’s mind. The result, your brand further reaches a whole new set of people through the reader. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool especially for brand building purposes.

Presentation is key: Targeting the right audience based on age-groups, categories are all old school strategies. The basic idea behind publishing an ad in magazine is to make readers aware of your brand value. We believe a creative design is the perfect answer to the frequently asked question on how to sell through magazine advertising. This also brings us to the types of magazine advertising since they play a vital role in establishing your value among readers.

Display advertisements – The most commonly used form of magazine advertising also proves to be a great return on your investment. Publishing an Inside Front cover page ad or Inside back cover page ad creates instant impact and helps you leverage the medium’s strengths. Those with bigger advertising spends can opt for Gatefold ads that can be printed over two to four pages. Inexperienced advertisers willing to enjoy magazine advertising benefits at lower cost can go for half page, double spread strip or column ads printed on inside pages of the issue.

Advertorials – Although tough to spot, you can promote your company or product as a special feature on the magazine. Such initiatives are done mostly to spread the word or market a product amongst potential customers.
Presently the entire process of placing an ad in your chosen magazine is complicated and time consuming. An interested client has to knock on the doors of physical ad agencies and media planning firms that provide unsatisfactory quotations and eventually ruin your entire marketing campaign.

Book Magazine Advertisements Online
Book Magazine Advertisements Online

We are struggling towards building the ultimate solution – magazine advertising; that allows you to find magazine advertising rates instantly online at the click of a mouse. We also offer online advertising and creative design services for all interested magazine advertisers looking to book a space in leading Indian magazines.

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