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In a nation of a billion sports fans, you need to have something to feed them regularly. No, I’m not talking about food literally; I’m referring to sports news. Enter Sports Illustrated. First published in the year 1964 in the U.S, Sports Illustrated has more than made its mark on the sports world.Sports-Illustrated

Catering to close to 7,00,000 readers in India, Sports Illustrated enjoys immense popularity in India. The quality of the articles, the illustrations and a great number of factual analyses that are a part of each and every issue of this magazine account for the numerous positive accolades that have been bestowed upon Sports Illustrated India. Despite cricket enjoying the monopoly as the most popular sport in India, it is commendable how efficiently Sports Illustrated manages to give readers an overview of the goings on of various other sports such as football, hockey, badminton, lawn and table tennis, basketball and others.

Enjoying a global readership exceeding 23000000 readers, and the fact that sports is a universally loved event, it’s no wonder that advertisers have recognized Sports Illustrated as a stellar advertising platform. The Indian version of Sports Illustrated has also been identified similarly by advertisers, and there exists an incredible rush to book a spot on this prestigious periodical. It has been scientifically proved that the reputation of the advertising platform you employ has a direct influence on the audience of the advertisement; and acquainted as we are to the popularity and renown of Sports Illustrated, it hardly comes as a surprise that advertising here will do great things for your brand by mere association.

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