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The Indian business structure has undergone a paradigm shift in the last couple of years with the main focus on Industrialization. The numerous reforms brought about by our government in the last few years have seen a healthy amount of overseas investment. The business scenario is far better now as compared to few years ago.Global Analyst

However, the need to constantly monitor the current trends and activities in the corporate sector is an absolute must. This brings about the need for efficient business information, one such informative journal being The Global Analyst. It is one of the fast emerging business and finance magazines of the country providing cutting-edge insights from businesses all over. With its in-depth coverage ranging from Global banking, Wealth management, Investment banking, Private equity, stock market and many more. With a circulation of 1, 10, 000 copies and a massive readership of 2, 60, 000 The Global Analyst is a tremendous source of information for the major business sectors. The interview columns featuring Decision makers, regulators, CEOs provide a massive boost to young and bright executives, business leaders and venture capitalists.

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Advertising is no child’s play; it requires immense planning and adequate content to make an impact. The Global Analyst is a wonderful journal catering to everyone related to business, thus, making it a quality magazine to advertise on. releaseMyAd provides you hassle free advertising options at effective prices. For any further queries please mail us on or call us on 09836068426.