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Business magazines have become an important facet in every corporate house. The need to be aware about every intricate market detail has lead to the boost of the number of Business dailies in India. Business is getting competitive and the need to know about the market trends is of utmost importance. Magazines are an excellent source to distribute quality information very easily. It is a very personal medium therefore it generates maximum chances of readability.Outlook-Business

But are business magazines effective? The answer is certainly yes when the magazine concerned is Outlook Business. Owned by Raheja group and published in India, this is the business centric segment of the very distinguished Outlook magazine. It was launched in April 2006, and is published fortnightly. With a target audience consisting of Business leaders and Decision makers of the country, its main focus lies on business issues. Every influential business dealings are extensively covered thereby capturing every corporate individual’s interest. This opens doors for magazine advertising as well. Advertising in such magazines do pose a threat of not being noticed. The need of appropriate and audience related content is a must.

So how does one advertise? releaseMyAd provides you the ultimate advertising solution. An online advertising portal, it guarantees definitive content at very nominal rates. You can book your magazine advertisement following these simple steps:

  • Choose your favoured position of the advertisement (front, back, inside front, etc)
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  • Provide important details about yourself and your business (Name, contact, Email id, business name)
  • You can upload your own creative or use the creative prepared by our team of experts.
  • Select the date when the advertisement will appear on the desired magazine.
  • Proceed to do the necessary payment using Online or Offline means.

With the growing number of business dailies the need for advertising is on the rise. Outlook Business remains a profitable option for advertisers and booking an advertisement has never been so simple, thanks to releaseMyAd. If you have any queries regarding advertising in Outlook Business mail us on or call us on 09836068426.