Book your Classified Matrimonial ads in a jiffy with ReleaseMyAd’s newest Matrimony newspaper ads page!!

releaseMyad-India's largest online newspaper classiifed ad booking agency
releaseMyad-India’s largest online newspaper classiifed ad booking agency

ReleaseMyAd has been on top among all Indian online newspaper ad booking agencies for a considerable period of time. This is only because we prioritise on making things easy and comfortable for all our customers. To take a step further to simplify the newspaper ad booking experience, releaseMyAd introduces special category page dedicated to matrimonial classified adverts.

You can directly book your Matrimonial classified spaces in your preferred newspaper through the dedicated matrimonial category page in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the from among the range of Newspaper icons to begin booking the ad in your preferred newspaper or you can choose the ad type as Classified Text or Classified Display (CD) as per your choice

    Newspaper Matrimonial Advertising with ReleaseMyAd
  2. In the next step you can either Compose your Matrimonial Text or CD ad or simply upload the Display Classified advert and then review the same via our Live Preview Ad Feature
  3. At the end, simple confirm the ad release dates on the Make Payment page and clear the payments through our online or offline payment mediums

On successfully receiving the payment for your ad you are provided with an instant email with the complete booking details of the ad in the form of an invoice.

Your convenience doesn’t end here. On the matrimonial category site, you can even directly view Sample Matrimonial ads and book the ads under specific Matrimonial subcategories such as under “Wanted Brides” or “Wanted Grooms” as per your requirement.

Know more about Matrimonial Classified Text ads and the differences with Matrimonial Display Classified adverts. Get helpful tips on How to Book the most appropriate matrimonial text or CD adverts in any newspaper across India.

Matrimonial Classified Ad in Newspaper.

We have also incorporated various convenient mediums to help you clear your ad payments. The varied payment mediums are as follows:

Online Options-matrimonial-advertisementmatrimonial-advertisement


  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking

Offline Options-

  • Demand Drafts
  • Cheque Deposits
  • Cash Transfer
  • Cash Collection
  • NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

While placing your Matrimonial classified advertisement, all you have to remember is that you must complete the entire booking process and clear the payments at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release of the advertisement. This ensures a timely release of the advertisement.