What factors are to be considered for publishing ads in Newspapers within your budget?

Newspaper Advertising and factors involved

Advertising is an essential part of our lives nowadays and it also a part of our day to day communications. Newspapers constitute a common platform for different advertisers with different budgets. There can be several categories or sections under which people advertise along with different reasons. Some advertise for promotional reasons, while some for brand awareness and many advertise for personal requirements.

But not all promotional advertisers have a massive budget or an exclusive team of resourceful people at their service. Many small retailers, businesses and service providers, individuals etc. need to advertise and promote themselves through newspapers.

There are 3 types of newspaper advertisements which are:

a) Display Ads: These are well-planned, creatively exclusive and expensive advertisements. Such ads are measured as per their size and the cost is decided based on the same if there is any specific page preference of the advertiser

b) Classified Display Ads: These newspaper ads are display ads published under the classified section and have certain limitations on the size of the ad as well as page preferences. They are published along with other classified advertisements on the dedicated classified pages. These ads too are charged on the basis of their size and more often than not, for most newspapers the breadth of the Display Classified adverts are limited to 3 cm or 3.5 cm, which equals one column of the entire newspaper page

Classified Text Ads in newspapers

c)Classified Text Ads: Simple text or word ads, also known as run-on line ads are referred to as classified text advertisements in newspapers. These adverts are the most economical ad types for all newspapers due to their simplicity. But they can be further enhanced with the help of special ad enhancers like ticks, colour highlights, screen borders etc. for better visibility

Now individual advertisers usually advertise for matrimonial purposes, name or address change announcements as well as for Obituary notifications. Such advertisements can be unnecessarily expensive, if published as Display Ads. People interested in matrimonial prospects and those who need to publish ads for legal notifications, can always opt for the more economical ad type of Classifieds.

Hence the factors that are to be considered while publishing your ad in any newspaper within your budget are:

Classified Display Adverts in newspapers

1)Category: You must ensure that under which category or in which category do you want your ad to appear-matrimonial, public notice, business, change of name, retail, property, to rent, travel, personal etc. This is because different categories have specific requirements and different category advertisers have different budget plans

2)Target Audience & Reach: Before getting your ad published you must know well about who you intend your advertisement to reach out to. Also you must be sure about the location or regions you want to reach out to, depending on which you can allocate your budget to advertising in either Hindi, English, regional newspapers or all

3)Resources Available: If you are an individual advertiser or you have low budget allocated to advertising, then you must keep one thing in mind, that you do not have the services of an advertising agency who can do all the work for you including creative, media planning, media buying, budget negotiations and all you have to do is pay. You mu

Display Advertisements in newspapers

st make the best use of the resources available with you like sample ads, online ad enhancers, pre- design templates etc.

In case of big budget display advertisers, there are several other resources available on many online newspaper ad booking portals which include even Expert Creative help. Or else you can always hire the services of an ad agency plan and execute all your marketing campaigns as per your budget

These three factors contribute and shape the type of advertisement that suits your budget as well as requirements. Both classified and display ads have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they both cater to different advertisers as well as audiences, hence it is essential that you should choose your ad type carefully and skilfully.