Resort Time Share Dealer Trusts Only Newspaper Advertising over all other Advertising Mediums

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Travelling and holidaying is not limited to only booking hotels  and train or flight tickets, there are several people who hold memberships to several resorts for months and years. Now such memberships often can be resold or rented to individuals or travel companies who can lease them or sell them to new buyers or interested people. Such memberships or properties or resorts are known as Time Share Property, but they often fall under travel section as mostly this concept of property owning or renting is applicable on resort or travel club memberships. Mr. Pushpak Bathija, the Proprietor of Time Share Holiday & Property Pvt. Ltd. tells us about the effects of newspaper advertising and prospects of Time Share Property.

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A. We are mainly into real estate but we also deal with Time Share property resale, sale, and rentals, wherein members of varied travel clubs either resell their membership or they simply want to give it on rent. This way certain temporary members can use their membership through us at a particular rent amount. In case of resale, people who have lost interest in the membership or are not satisfied with the services can get their money back without any hassles.

I am the owner of this particular Property dealership, named Time Share Holiday & Property Pvt. Ltd. and the agency is located at Chennai but we deal with Time Share Property Owners from all over the country.

Q. What was your marketing objective?

A. Since we are into property and real estate and intended to even deal in Time Share Property, we meant to promote and advertise the availability of such deals through us as well.  The main objective of advertising was getting buyers as well as sellers of Time Share Memberships.

Q. Who was your target audience?

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A. Only members who were enrolled under Sterling Holiday Packages along with those who intended to buy them. Such Memberships are usually held by the upper middle class or moneyed class people, so they were the specific target as only they can afford such memberships.

Q. How effective was newspaper advertising for you? Would you advertise in newspapers again?

A. Well, to be honest, newspaper advertising is the best option for such travel deals. Most of the people looking to resell their memberships either look online or newspapers. But among the two options, newspaper seem most reliable source to such sellers as well as buyers. Not everyone relies on online mediums and it often appears and complicated for them to handle such deals so most serious responses come through newspaper ads.

Though we also are into online marketing, we continue to advertise in newspapers side by side.

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A. We advertise in many papers as we want to reach out to people across different states and across the whole country. So getting agents or visiting individual publishing houses in different regions is just next to impossible every time we book an ad. But online we get all the newspapers of all the regions in India along with the direct rates and combo packages. We can review the circulation details, compare the prices of different newspaper ads and select the most suitable regional language, regional English or national newspaper on releaseMyAd.

All this can be done sitting at home or our office. It saves a lot of time and effort while booking newspaper ads online.

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Q. How was your experience with releaseMyAd while booking your newspaper ad?

A. It was quite good and very convenient.  I booked all the ads myself online and did not face any issues till now. Also I could upload and design my ad as per my requirement and depending on the services they are providing the rates seem good enough. Their packages are quite satisfactory and economical. I would suggest them to keep up the good work.

We are glad to have been able to help Mr. Pushpak Bathija in solving his newspaper ad booking problems. We are also thankful to him for giving us time to conduct and complete the survey successfully. For more information on newspaper ads and newspaper ad rates, please visit: origin-of-newspaper-advertising