What are the basic steps to create a concise and effective advertisement to be placed in the Recruitment section of newspapers?

Recruitment advertisements in Indian newspapers

Recruitment ads are the most frequently published ads in the classified section of newspapers after matrimonial ads. They have the highest success rate and response rate among most other ad categories in newspapers. One reason may be the extensive availability of human resources in India and the emergence of many small and medium sized enterprises, who employ a large section of the employable population of India. This number can go up to almost 60 million employees with the current trend of upcoming enterprises in India.

Classified Text recruitment Ads in Newspapers

Advertisers need to consider a few factors before publishing recruitment ads in newspapers for better reach and responses from candidates. They also need to keep their budget in mind before choosing their medium of advertisement and releasing the advert. Among the major mediums preferred by SMEs for advertising and recruitment purposes is newspaper. This is because classified advertising in newspapers is among the economical and effective options for getting genuine job applicants.

There are 3 main options to get their advertisements published in a newspaper of their choice-Directly through the publishing house, via a third party agent or online.  Of which most SMEs opt for the online option due to a time crunch and lack of capital resources due to their size. They have very limited time and most of their work is done online, excepting a few companies who are in the manufacturing sector, even though they take the help of traditional media for advertising. Hence the Internet is the best medium for them for maximum activities.

Display Classified Recruitment Ads for Newspapers

Now there are several factors that can be considered before advertising in a newspaper via an online medium.  The following factors ensure a concise yet effective advertisement for recruitment purposes:

1)      Location or Edition: For recruitment purposes the location is an essential condition as that encircles your target audience and the kind of candidates you require. Location means a lot as advertising in a specific location saves money as it reduces wastage on advertising in unnecessary editions and reaches out to a concentrated region of target readers. This is because local applicants are much more prone to respond to the ad, thereby assuring genuine and high response rate                                                                                                               

2)      Use of Regional Newspapers: While advertising in a newspaper for Recruitment purposes, it is very essential to reach out to the targeted location and the most economical option is advertising through regional language or regional English newspapers. This reduces the cost of advertising by a huge margin as local newspaper ad rates are substantially lower than national newspapers. The reach of such newspapers is much more specific to location                                                                                                                                                                

Newspaper Appointment Display Adverts

3)      Focus Day: Most newspapers have specific days dedicated for recruitment advertising which is referred to as the Focus Day and maximum readers actually refer to the recruitment section of various newspapers on those specific days. If you get your appointment ads published on the focus days of your chosen newspaper, then it ensures maximum responses from job seekers or prospective applicants

4)      Ad Content: The ad matter for classified recruitment ads is highly essential as they filter out further unnecessary applicants. Recruitment ad matter should be to the point and must specify the position and academic qualifications required for the post in question. Salary specifications can be excluded as it takes up unnecessary space and varies from candidate to candidate. Contact details of the recruiting company or placement agency is of utmost importance, as further queries regarding the query can be clarified through proper communication via phone or email, rather than wasting ad space and money on unnecessary details

Besides these, the use of comprehensive abbreviations help in further making the ad more concise. The four points specified make the recruitment ads more effective and concise at the same time, as well as economical for most advertisers.