Advertisement booking in Businessworld Magazine Through releaseMyAd


Magazines are a very attractive and informative medium dedicated to educate or entertain us. The numerous categories of magazines are a major boon for advertisers to target an enormous base of people. However, at the mere mention of magazines we tend to think about fashion or entertainment magazines. So is there a potent market for business magazines?

17With the ever growing number of corporate houses and the seemingly uprising economy, a vast number of business magazines have come up in India. One of such magazines is Businessworld. It is an Indian business magazine conceived in 1981 by Ananda Publishers, a part of the ABP group. They are also the creative geniuses behind the creation of The Telegraph, one of the most read English dailies in Kolkata. business-world-logo-300wBusinessworld is a success due to its in-depth reports and appropriate data which enable businessmen to formulate plans based on the market trend.

Sadly, on September 19, 2013 ABP group owners sold Businessworld to Mr. Anurag Batra and Vikram Jhunjhunwala for an undisclosed sum. Luckily enough due to its core strength of spotting the latest trends of the market, Businessworld is still running strong. But the question still looms as to how should I advertise? releaseMyAd holds the key for magazine advertising. It is an online portal enabling you to advertise efficiently. It has a huge arsenal of the leading magazines of the country, thus cutting short the issues of selecting a proper magazine.  releaseMyAd simplifies the task of booking an advertisement in Businessworld enormously. The process of booking an ad is mentioned below:

  • The user selects the desired magazine for advertising and is automatically redirected to the dedicated booking page of the magazine. Then the user can decide on which page to advertise (front, back, etc) and check the rates for various sizes of the advertisement  (full page, half page, strip or double strip).
  • They further need to fill up the necessary details (name, contact, name of business, etc).
  • The user gets the benefit of uploading their own content or they can seek assistance of the expert team of releaseMyAd.
  • The user needs to select the date when their advertisement is to appear on the magazine.
  • After successfully deciding upon the content the user makes the necessary payment via online or offline methods.

The USP of Businessworld is its rigorously reported news and it’s thoroughly analyzed reports. These are extremely beneficial for people belonging to the Banking, Finance, Entrepreneurs and Corporate houses. Businessworld acts as a decision making tool for both the Government and also for Corporate houses. releaseMyAd simplifies the process for users to effectively advertise at efficient rates. For any further queries mail us on or call us on 09836068426.