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A name synonymous with the fashion industry, Elle is the largest selling fashion magazine in the world. Started in 1945 in France, this magazine is now the frontrunner in the fashion industry, and apart from being the highest selling fashion magazine, Elle also enjoys the distinction of being one of the highest selling magazines of all time. Elle first appeared on Indian newsstands in the year 1996, marking the birth of the Indian edition of this famous periodical.

The Indian edition of Elle enjoys a grand circulation of 93,425 and a readership of 2,80,275 individuals. As a result of their supreme reach and unparalleled popularity, Elle is one of the top advertising destinations for a large number of brands. Being an elite magazine, advertisers feel that advertising in a magazine of such repute will do great things to their brands, and they aren’t wrong; studies show that readers often indulge in basing judgements on brands and advertisements based on the advertising platform that is being employed.

Advertising in magazine is indeed a lucrative prospect, as can be underlined in the list below:

  • Due to magazines enjoying a larger shelf life, ads in magazines enjoy greater brand recall.
  • Ads in magazines tend to fare better than other ads due to the high production value – glossy pages and colourful images.
  • Advertising in magazines is a targeted method of advertising, as the focus groups are smaller and more concentrated.
  • Advertising with popular magazine brands like Elle raises brand value due to mere association.

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The booking process:

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