Advertising at competitive rates in Kumudam Magazine through releaseMyAd


kumudam magazine adsMagazine reading can inspire people with its breezy and lively style. Since the articles are generally analytical and well thought, it also helps you in building your perception. Every individual has a preffered reading genre and magazine caters to that basic curiosity and imagination.

Founded by the Kumudam Group, Kumudam is a weekly Tamil magazine. The magazine enjoys great popularity among the audience and the readership has only kept on increasing. The main flavor of the magazine is its focus on the film industry, glamour and gossip stories and other important happenings in Tamil Nadu.

Our daily lives have become so busy that the only way we get to know about products is through advertising. Therefore to make your brand visible, it becomes imperative to advertise in the right mediums. Kumudam magazine offers advertisers the perfect platform to promote their brand. Its popularity, content serves as a potent mixture when it comes to advertising.

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