How to publish Tender Notice Ads in Indian Newspapers in a Jiffy?

Tender Notice Ads in Newspapers


Tender Notice Ads in a Newspaper

Summary: Tender notice advertisements are an integral part of newspaper Announcement ads and essentially public notice adverts. Tender ads are directed towards contractors or by contractors towards the buyers. Usually these buyers range from government to semi-government establishments which seek the services of a particular builder, shipper, mechanic etc. These tender notice ads advertisements can be published in any newspaper in only 2 formats and they are of two types which also include UFR ads and AFR ads. The two types of Tender ads are “Open tenders” referring to the uninvited participation or application for any tender filed and “Closed Tenders” which refer to those tenders which can be applied to only by invitation. Tender notice adverts can be published on any day in almost all newspapers without the requirement of supporting documents. Nowadays tender ads can be published in any newspaper with the help of online newspaper ad booking portals. Such platforms have simplified the entire process of newspaper advertising across all categories and are accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Tender Notice Ads are always an extremely common site for Newspaper Readers. Almost every single day a Tender ad is published in almost all popular and well circulated newspapers across India. Tender ads are often confused with Business advertisements, but they are not really Business adverts. They are public announcements directed towards potential business partners which are generally government bodies. Tender Notice Ads are mainly published under the Public Notice & Tenders category which basically constitutes the sub-category of Announcements.

What are Tender Notice Ads?

Tender Notice Ads are price quotations along with the services offered which are filed by contractors such as Builders, Property Dealers, Raw material Suppliers etc. These contractors provide competitive rates and quotations and whichever is preferred in terms of the assigned Government budget for a particular task, is selected. These are often referred to as Government Business deals, but unlike normal business deals, this one doesn’t completely benefit both the parties. In such cases the government takes help of these contractors to contribute to the infrastructural development of the State or the country by building roads, highways, public buildings, restrooms and much more.

Tender Notice Ads can also be referred to as those adverts by buyers of the service providers of specific contractors. They can either be direct invitations for certain contractors who can register their quotation only because they have been requested to do so. Such tender ads are considered to be ‘closed tenders’ while those for which any contractor can participate are referred to as ‘open tenders’. Tender Notice Ads are also stated to be a kind of bidding for either delivering or obtaining the services of a specific service provider or contractor.

How to Successfully Publish a Tender Notice Ad in an Indian Newspaper?

Usually there are two main ad types which are published in a Newspaper, namely Classified and Display. Under classified ads there are further 2 more divisions which are Classified Text and Classified Display. Now these two ad types vary based on the content of the advertisement, for instance, classified text ads are composed in only words while classified display adverts include images, logos and text as well.

Display ads are quite like Classified Display ads as they too include images and logos along with text, but they are not published in the classified pages. Display ads can be published on any page as per the preference of the advertisers at a few extra bucks. Classified display ads may be similar to display ads but they have some size restrictions, while again both these ad types are measured and priced based on the size of the ad or the space it occupies in a specific page.

While placing an ad under the Tender announcements, please keep in mind that the Tender Notice Ads are only published in the Display and Classified Display ad formats in almost all Indian Newspapers.  The next and most crucial point about tender ads is that they can now be published in your preferred newspaper from anywhere with the help of online newspaper ad booking portals. There are multiple such portals, a few of which are really resourceful and self explanatory. So now advertisers can book their Tender Notice Ads from anywhere with the help of online ad booking services.