Traditional Medium of Advertising- The Perfect Solution to Businesses in India


Traditional mediums of advertising are the strongest mediums of advertising.It can be also called as a “Mass” medium due to its reach and vastness of the general audience.The major traditional mediums of advertising are Radio and Newspapers.The penetration levels of these mediums are quite prominent.The beauty of traditional medium of advertising is that they provide language diversity,an enormous target audience and a large list of advertising categories for businesses to decide on.

newspaper_20icon_15b15d1India is a booming economy.More and more brands are entering our market,which in turn has given rise to the need for advertising.India has a diverse culture and is a country of many languages.Traditional mediums of advertising not only helps businesses to connect with the audience it also helps them cater to their needs.Through newspapers,business houses of every size and type can properly strategize and place their ads in the form of various campaigns.with the help of regional newspapers businesses can very easily target the rural segment since the distribution of regional dailies takes place locally and it generates a significant audience base.Regional papers have a good readership base so the placing of ads in such newspapers needs to be people specific.The business house should know what their target audience is.Smaller companies need to establish their brand first in order to expand later,so newspapers give them the perfect opportunity to strategize and execute their plan.Newspapers provide visual and textual information to their targeted consumers and it has tremendous recall value.Now coming to the other form of advertising which is Radio.The radio transistors have been around for quite sometime.It was a major form of entertainment device for many decades due to its capability to produce information and entertainment in an audible form.radio_radio_logo

Technological advancements have made it available in cellphones now which has further gone and increased the target market twofold.Radio advertisements allow advertisers to work with creatives and condense the content to fit into a time limit of 20 seconds.This not only provides a challenge to the creative team in an agency but it also makes the advertisement more direct and to the point.The full 20 seconds will only contain information regarding the product and no unnecessary stuff.The business house can use the radio station time slots to recognize and allott a definite time period when the ads will get broadcast.A well written script together with a great voiceover and a popular radio station creates a fantastic mix which can enthrall the audience easily.Business houses can take help of agencies which provides them assistance in preparing effective campaigns.One such agency is releaseMyAd.Its an online advertising agency which provides discounted and economic rates for Radio and Newspaper advertising in India.It even assists companies through its excellent staff for media planning,Creative development,Consulting.Businesses in India want cost effective yet quality work,and they certainly are the best.

Newspapers and Radio advertising are powerful mediums which make sure the advertisement is seen or heard by their targeted audience.The potential of these mediums is massive,business firms can tap the desired markets at low costs as compared to the audio visual medium.For an enterprise to boom it requires as much exposure as it can,Radio and Newspaper advertising do possess the traits to make any business recognisable.Traditional medium of advertising is definitely and always will be the perfect solution for businesses in India.