How releaseMyAd has eased ad booking for Times of India


The Times of India, the leading Newspaper daily was established in 1838. It is currently owned by the famous media firm Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd with The Times Group being the lead publishers. It has 45 dailies and publishes periodicals in 3 languages with 108 editions getting printed from 9 centres across the country, reaching to over 40 million consumers. Over the years, Times of India has developed a unique brand recognition for itself. It has acted as a safe haven for most of the advertising firm as it provides a great platform to promote and publicize your product or service. It has featured some of the most iconic and memorable print ads and through a platform such as ReleaseMyAd, advertisers can actually cement their legacy by leaving an impact on the readers.

ReleaseMyAd acts as the bridging block between the business looking for advertising in Times of India and Times of India Group. It is basically an online ad booking platform, fully accredited by Indian Newspaper Society. It assists in placing advertisements for all types of categories like Public Notice and Tenders, Retail, Entertainment, Astrology, education and much more. It enables the advertisers to use this platform for various kinds of Ads such as:

Classified text ads:Times of India Advertisement

  • Most fundamental type of promotion where the emphasis is more on the content.
  • Lowest cost ads and is charged according to the amount of content it consists.
  • Great Platform to target only the selected group of people as it is placed only in the Times of India Classified.
  • Classified text ads can be booked under categories like Matrimonial, Recruitment, Obituary, Business, Personal, Vehicle, Remembrance, Education etc.

Classified display ads:

  • This platform can be used to advertise one’s content using graphics.
  • Charges are levied based on factors like its size, images, and logos used in it.
  • Though it incurs higher cost, it impacts different senses of the reader’s mindset using the different design templates depending upon the message to be delivered.

Display ads:

  • These spots earn the most pivotal sections of the newspaper but are relatively of higher cost as well.
  • These ads are carefully posted to grab maximum attention and can be used creatively as well.
  • This is mainly used to advertise about the discount, sales or on the launch of new product or service.

Unique Features of releaseMyad

  • Convenience- releaseMyAd lets you book ads in the newspaper from any part of the country.
  • Guider- releaseMyAd has several sample ad templates present from which clients can choose and use them for guidance while creating their own ad. Thus even individuals developing their first ad can use such platform and do it effortlessly.
  • No transaction cost-Easy booking at required date with payments done through both online and offline modes.
  • A personalised guidance-The creative team of releaseMyAd constantly helps the naïve ad developers until the ad is published successfully, advising them on the choices to make.
  • Ease of usage- The steps involved for Times of India Advertisement are:
  • Access TOI classified page ,select ad category, type, and other preferences
  • Build your own ad by taking references from samples available.
  • Compile and complete the process by specifying the date of publication and clear the payment.

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