Anywhere Media – where any space is an Ad space !


releaseMyAd – India’s largest offline-ad network, announces the launch of its “Anywhere Media” platform.  Anywhere Media is the idea to enable advertising inside any location to target its visitors. Through this platform, commercial spaces earn additional advertising revenue by leveraging their footfalls & advertisers enjoy targeted access to their potential customers.


Consumers with their ever shortening attention spans have created an urgent need for marketers to identify newer and innovative ways to advertise brands beyond traditional media. By leveraging both “context” & consumer “intent”, the Anywhere platform enables brands to target their messaging to visitors in a non-conventional, innovative & clutter free environment across any commercial outlet. These outlets could be among restaurants,salons, pharmacies, grocery stores, gyms etc. While such advertising might have pre-existed in a fragmented, ad-hoc basis – releaseMyAd aims to organise & aggregate such locations by creating the technology platform to benefit both marketers & space owners.

Commercial space owners enjoying significant footfalls, who are otherwise occupied with daily business activities can now earn additional Ad revenue easily. Through a simple mobile application, they are able to enlist, attract advertisers and manage campaigns effortlessly. Local store owners and chains now have an opportunity to generate ad revenue, previously only leveraged by large commercial set-ups like airports, malls, supermarkets etc.

The ‘Anywhere’ platform has created a new “standardized” set of cheaper Ad spaces targeted by location and visitor demographicsadvertise-in-hospitals-anywhere-media
which creates unprecedented opportunities for advertisers across all budgets. By a simple click, advertisers can now discover, compare, buy & monitor ad spaces thereby making the process transparent, seamless and accountable. Pricing for Anywhere media starts from Rs. 5,000 per store and encapsulates multiple ad placements within an outlet to guarantee visibility. Ad formats are carefully integrated into their surroundings via vinyl posters,tent cards, standees, tissues, carry bags, etc. The attractive pricing and hypertargeting make it an ideal medium for advertising for local businesses and SME’s otherwise short on budgets. The aggregated network enables brands to run successful campaigns spanning hundreds of outlets reaching thousands of visitors at scale, impossible earlier.

The platform has been operational in beta since the last month and has already on-boarded chains such as Baskin Robbins, Wow Momo, Aarambagh, Apollo Pharmacies, Frank Ross etc. Further, it is working with vc backed companies to onboard their network, such as Stylofie (1000+ Salons), CareOnGo (800+ Pharmacies), Porter (800 mini-vans). Any store owner is open to enlisting his space, which after verification is made accessible to advertisers at . “We do feel that this offering of Anywhere media is significant to our 80,000 SMB customers who use our online portal to place their newspaper / radio ads to meet their marketing objectives successfully.”, says Sharad Lunia, founder of   

About releasemyAd:

releaseMyAd, a Kolkata based startup began its journey in 2009, as an online one-stop solution for booking classifieds. Recognising the crucial demand of advertisers to reach out to every nook and corner, it broadened its horizons to bring other new mediums under its ambit and today has about. Today, it is one of India’s largest online agencies assisting in media planning and buying in the categories of newspaper, magazines, radio, digital, cinema and television. releaseMyAd has 1.25 lacs + happy advertisers and successfully worked with startups like Craftsvilla, Swiggy, Peppertap, Housejoy and also businesses like R.C Parekh, Century Cement, Metro Dairy and ensured their successful ad campaign execution. The latest ‘Anywhere’ platform intends to bring about major technological innovations in POP and POI advertising.