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The Demand for newspaper advertising is increasing day by day because it is a safe, reliable, effective and  affordable. Newspapers earlier were used only  to know about the social and political happenings in and around the country,but as time had passed the role of the newspaper  had also changed . Now it had become one of the best means for advertising.

Categories of ,Advertising is newspaper have  grown and categorised  from small ads to bigger ones,Small business firm to big MnC Companies,Matrimony to property ,Job vacancies to Tender notices .The scale and influence of  advertising in the newspaper have grown surprisingly which had drawn a considerable amount of influence towards it.This advertisement in the newspaper is now being divided into different headings like matrimony,property , vacancies,services ,if we name a few.This growing demand for Newspaper Advertisement has acted as a boon for small business owners,who want their business to expand .This is why the bigger players,MNCs are also advertising their ads in the newspaper .It will  not be wrong to say that, Newspaper are a  platform where both small and big organizations are advertising their ads .

Advertising in newspaper are generally done in two ways , Classifieds where ads are given in the short  description and Display where ads are given with an image,The later being a bit costly are used by big companies and organizations. Companies and Organisations are really making a lot of customers with this newspaper’s advertising .This had increased the competition where everyone wants to get the most of it, releaseMyAd a simplified booking service make sure that its clients always get the most of it from their ads.A lot of people ,nowadays have moved to online ad booking because it is simple and fast and the best part of the online booking is that you don’t have to visit the offices of different newspaper nor you have to wait in a queue .It not only save our valuable time but also our money.

If you are thinking how to do it ,its simple .It’s can be done directly through the Newspaper Website or through Third party ads booking website, who post ads in the newspaper on the behalf of their clients .There are lots of ads booking website on the internet today but releaseMyAd is different from the rest .  releaseMyAd stands for Simplest Classifieds booking service,It has 220 newspaper’s brands registered with it The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Hindu,Economic Times etc.To  post an ad visit the website of releaseMyAd, select the newspaper where you want to book the ads.Choose from Classifieds or Displayed ads and at least select the place for your advertisement.

At releaseMyAd they seek to provide their clients hassle free online ad booking at an affordable price.They have  220 newspapers and 2225+ offers along with 10 million+ happy advertiser.

Advertising in a newspaper can be hassle free and affordable if we choose the right way ,releaseMyAd way.

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