Why, Where and How to Publish Name Change, Lost & Found and Other Announcement Ads?


classified-text-name-change-adsAnnouncement advertisements are some of the most common newspaper classified adverts. The announcement is the main category for all Name Change, Lost & Found, Address Change, Marriage Notice Ads etc. All these advertisements are published as a mandated activity for official purposes and most announcement advertisers do not intend to spend much on such ads. These ads are not promotional ads and it is not necessary to publish them in popular newspapers at exorbitant prices. Therefore, releaseMyAd-India’s largest online Newspaper Ad Booking Agency intends to assist all Announcement advertisers in the composition, booking and release of their ads.

There are mainly 3 sub-categories under Announcement Ads which are published most often than others and most advertisers require information about the booking process, rates and documentation required for these ads. These sub-categories are as follows:

1. Change of Name:  Name change advertisements are the most common announcement ads among all.


They are published almost every day in every newspaper for different reasons which include name correction, spelling correction of ads in Government or legal documents, religion conversion, maiden name change after marriage and more. But all these reasons are backed up by one simple reason of notifying the Government about the change in the name.


Since Name Change ads are not meant for promotional purposes, they can be published in any local newspaper. You are required to book a name change advert in any 2 newspapers, preferably, one English and one regional.  Therefore, you can choose the 2 newspapers which have the lowest ad rates in the preferred region where you intend to advertise and after the ad is released, you can keep the newspaper copies for future references.

For Instance, if you intend to book a Name Change ad in Bhopal, then, you can simply opt for Hindustan Times (English) and Navbharat which have rates of around Rs. 500/- per 25 words, each.


For a Name Change ad in any newspaper, it is essential to provide a proper documentation which testifies the change in the name of the concerned individual. It is always recommended that the advertiser should provide us with an Original Scanned copy of the Notarized Affidavit, which looks like a Government Stamp Paper. The affidavit should consist of the old name as well as the new name of the person.  To book your Name Change Ad, you need to

a)      Visit the Change of Name Adverts Page and then specify the preferred newspaper to proceed to the rates and packages section

b)      Create the ad in the Compose Ad section, choose the sub-category as ‘Change of Name’ and in case of Name Change Ads, you can simply  type in your text ads without the need for any highlights

c)       At the end, you must confirm the release dates and make the payment through the online or offline payment mediums

 2. Lost & Found: The next most commonly published announcement ad is Lost & Found which are mainly released by those who have either lost or found an important item or document.


Lost & Found ads are mainly released in order to either find the lost item or receive some sort of communication from the owner of the lost object.  They are also released in order to notify the document issuing Authorities about the loss of a document issued and signed by them. This helps in case a Duplicate of the same lost document is necessary to be requested from the issuing Authority.


Lost & Found ads need to be a little more prominent than a name change advertisement since it has to be catchy for the readers to notice the same.  It is better to place a Lost & Found ad in a more popular and renowned Newspaper without being price-centric, especially in case of an essential lost document which might be recoverable.

For instance, if you have lost your Pan Card in and your location is within Kerala, you should preferably choose a newspaper like Malayala Manorama which has a good circulation and high readership in that region. This is because you can then increase the chances of it being discovered or found by another reader as it will have a really wide audience and a significant number of readers. Another way could be that publish your ad in a newspaper which you yourself subscribe to.


Booking a lost and found advertisement is a very easy task. First and foremost you need to make sure that you have filed a General Diary or an FIR (First Information Report). This is an important document that needs to be produced while publishing a Lost & Found in any newspaper.  Then, to begin the booking of the ad, simply,

a)      Visit the Lost & Found Ad Booking page and choose the newspaper from the drop-down menu. You can also review sample ads on this page

b)      Then you must choose the edition or location to get the ad rates and packages and then proceed to the Compose Ad page where you can create and design your advert. You may also use ad highlighters to make your ad stand out among other classifieds

c)       Lastly, specify the ad release dates and then proceed towards the payment section, where you have the options of paying via online or offline mediums, as per your convenience

3. Marriage Notice: This is another important announcement advertisement which is published quite often in the newspapers.


Marriage Notices are similar to name change ads and are published more as a necessity than for any branding or promotional purposes. There is only one single reason to publish a Marriage Notice which is to notify the government about the official marriage and marriage registration of a couple by law.


Marriage Notice Ads can be placed in any newspaper, which may be in English and any regional language newspaper. Advertisers may select the newspapers which have lower ad rates rather than the ones with national circulation in case of such ads. These ads need to be documented so it is highly recommended to publish the ad in a newspaper which you have subscription to.

For example, if you are a resident of Kolkata and have recently tied the knot which is registered with the registrar, you should preferably publish the Marriage Notice ad in a paper like Ei Somoy (Bengali) or in The Statesman (English) rather than an expensive broadsheet like Anandabazar Patrika. ABP is a popular newspaper in Kolkata but Ei Somoy with economical ad booking rates has a reasonable circulation. Therefore, choosing newspapers with low ad rates saves money, conveys your message as well as helps you in the retention of the ad copy.


For Marriage Notices, the Scanned copy of the Original Marriage Certificate is required but to book your ad in any newspaper you must follow the 3 steps provided below:

a)      Visit the Announcement Ad Booking page and then choose the preferred newspaper to proceed to the next step

b)      The next step requires you to choose the Location, review ad rates & offers and then compose your ad with the help of enhancements and ad samples

c)       Finally, confirm the ad release dates and proceed to make the payment via any of the offline or online payment mediums.

Apart from these there are Address Change ads, Acknowledgements, Auctions, Reunions, Church or Religious Notices and many more which are quite frequently booked announcement advertisements. For any further information on booking Announcement ads, you can email us at book@releasemyad.com. Please keep in mind that Announcement Ads are booked only under Classified and Display Classified Ad types which are published only in the classified pages. You can call us at 09830629298 for any further details. You must also ensure that the necessary documents with respect to the ad categories must be sent to us at documents@releasemyad.com.