Choosing the Best Newspaper for Business Ads Based on Your Location


Businesses are initiated, built and promoted to ensure Return on Investments for all entrepreneurs, start-ups, MNCs etc. In today’s digital day and age, people experiment with different mediums of advertising in order to promote their Business. With different mediums of advertising coming up every now and then, which often have really low ad rates, businesses are not at a lack of mediums for advertising. But still, not all business ads get the exposure that they need or aspire to get.

For this, it is essential to know that most of the successful businesses with high audience response rate initially earned their name through Newspaper Advertising. Before picking any medium of advertising, irrespective of the type of Business you are promoting, it is essential for a Business advertiser to first begin with Newspapers as the main platform for advertising.

It can be a simple Business Proposal/Offer or it can be promoting your own Consultancy, but it should all begin with Newspaper advertising. You can always begin with Classified Text Business ads, if you have a low budget. These ads are priced based on the number of lines/words/characters used in the ad matter.

In case you intend to have an image and a Business/company, then you can opt for the Classified Display Ad Type, by spending a little more. These ads are calculated based on the ad size in per sq. cm unit. They are available in both coloured and black & white format and are published in the classified pages itself.

Most established Business ads are more often than not published under the Display Ad type, which also enables you to upload images and logos in your ad matter. But these ads are not published in the classified pages and can be printed on any preferred page of the newspaper.

Apart from the newspaper ad type, the other most important factor is the Newspaper. The condition that drives the choice of this factor is the location. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must know the area which you intend to target. This helps in confirming the newspaper which will be best for promoting your Business in the preferred location. Keeping in mind this specific requirement of Business Advertisers of targeting specific locations, releaseMyAd-India’s largest online newspaper ads booking agency, provides you with a list of Newspapers that are best for Business advertising in the Top 5 Metropolitan Cities of India. The list includes one English and one regional newspaper:


Therefore as per the table you can pick the most preferred newspaper of your target audience in the location of your choice. According to the table the best English newspaper for Business Advertising in Mumbai is Times of India and the best Marathi (regional) newspaper is Maharashtra Times. Both these newspapers are owned by the Times Group and have established a strong foothold across entire Maharashtra.

Based on the list above, you must choose to place your advert in Hindustan Times for a Business ad in English and in Hindustan for a Business ad in Hindi. These two are also owned by the same publication-HT Media and have been voted to be the No.1 English and Hindi newspapers respectively by the people in and around Delhi for the past 5 years.

Times of India is also quite popular in Bangalore and is the No.1 English daily of the city, while the most popular Kannad (regional) newspaper of Bangalore is Vijay Karnataka.  In Kolkata, though, The Telegraph (English) is way more popular than those which are otherwise nationally acknowledged. Along with this, in this city the Bengali (regional) newspaper Anandabazar Patrika has much wider circulation and larger readership than its English counterpart, in spite of being under the same publication house.

The same trend is followed in Chennai as Tamil (regional) newspaper such as Daily/Dina Thanthi enjoys much higher circulation and readership than The Hindu, which is massively popular in the southern region of India, including Chennai.

Apart from these there are many other important cities where Businesses need to flourish and promote themselves. To get the circulation details of newspapers read across those cities, you can take the help of the Online Newspaper Decider, where, all you need to do is to specify the Category as Business and then choose the location where you intend to advertise. You will get rates, discount packages and much more associated with Business advertising with the help of this tool. For direct ad booking, you can email us at or simply call us on 09830629298. You can forward your Display Ad Booking Details to, for display ads in any newspaper across India.