Marketing without a well defined “Context” is meaningless: ANYWHERE MEDIA


context-driven-adsTwo goldfish go swimming.Suddenly, they come across an older goldfish heading towards the other direction waving its fin to them and says ,”Hi, Guys.How’s the water?”

Both of them gave the older fish a bewildered nod and turn towards each other, saying “ What on the earth is ‘water’?”

This fish story , is about missing the obvious. But mainly, it is about “context”. A goldfish is a fish because of the water, which is a primary habitat environment for it. It is the context that defines them.But even though it’s so important, it is invisible. The same applies in real life to people. We are what we are all because of the context around us. 

It is our context that decides the type of content that we are receptive to. It impacts are shopping and buying behaviour. It also enforces as to how and when we are willing to perceive companies and their products.You, your job role, your demographic particulars and your geographical environment determines your interest.

Every person’s choice and content consumption are determined by their “context”.It is their context that answers the following questions for every consumer behaviour:

  • What do they buy?
  • Why do they buy?
  • Who is involved in the buying?
  • How do they buy?
  • When do they buy?
  • Where do they buy?

Consumer Consumption  is influenced by his/her context.The primary trick for any campaign to work is “ identifying their potential buyer’s consumer context”.Advertising in general without a well-defined context bracket leads to:

  •  Ad Spillage and Avoidance
  • High Cost
  • Underperforming campaigns 
  • Zero accountability

Resorting , to the above dilemma a new trend began in September ,2016 called “Anywhere Media”, wherein companies have an option to highly influence their customers by targeting them at destinations where they tend to visit often.

For example: If a Cosmetic Brand called “Beauty” wants to target females.What do you think should be the sure shot visibility platform for it to reach the females.I guess the best options that would come to your mind would be to have ads in some female centric magazine, radio or newspaper.But have you gauged the impact that would get you in par with the huge investment that you would make.Wasting ad budget on irrelevant audience is the biggest mistake that any campaign can do.Why waste on people whom you don’t intend to sell your products to?Rather plan in a way that 99.9% of the campaign directly targets your potential customers.

So, what according to me should brand “Beauty” do? Obviously, run a campaign in Spas and Salons , where you have all that you want.Direct Female Targeting. “Anywhere Media” tries to get context(female visiting salons) and consumer intent (female interested in cosmetic products) together to get maximum response for the brand “Beauty”.It doesn’t end here ,the new “Anywhere Media” also enforces on accountability and campaign tracking.So, once “Beauty” runs a campaign in any popular Spa and Salon chain it is entitled to receive regular GPS tracked images of the campaign for easy monitoring.To add cherry to the cake, another amazing feature of “Anywhere Media” is its interactive ad options, that has absolutely no chance of going unnoticed.For example in salons you ad options like floor stickers, barber apron branding, tent cards on mirror tables,etc. 

baraber-apronLikewise “Anywhere Media” has novel opportunities like advertising in Gyms if you want to target males or fitness freaks, pharmacies if you wish to influence the health conscious, grocery stores if you want to target the housewives, restaurants if you want to target the youth, for targeting the working professionals you can resort to workplace branding and much more.It’s hyper targeted solutions provides 100% percent visibility to every campaign.

In “Anywhere Media” the formula is simple and precise: match your product to your target audience “context and then TARGET. High quality leads are only possible if you target customers based on their behavioural and social trigger.Always define who your “target audience are and thereafter analyse their context before you decide on how to target the.People Context is a sum of a comprehensive experience of their psychological, social, economical, cultural and personal factors.Thereby, “Anywhere Media” marketing is any day better than “Traditional Media”We should … look at better ways to emotionally connect with people in meaningful ways; to understand where they are, what they like and give them more than forced ad campaigns.The great epiphany of anywhere media marketing is that people are drawn to content that matters to them.

The emergence of “Anywhere Media” marketing was a major sea change in the way companies relate to potential customers. It is largely about creating the right content at the right “contextual” places  to reach the right target audience.Just identify your target audience and choose from a wide variety of media options to execute a successful campaign.