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Among the Out-Of-Home media, fleet graphics are the next big thing. Constantly gaining popularity as they are, they work well for the simple reason that they have the potential to grab eyeballs. And the larger your canvas, the more clearly you project your ad and the onlookers cannot help but watch (save, glare!) Imagine a vivid image of your juice brand with a catchy phrase on the surface of the next Volvo bus by the street. Can you help but not be attracted?Ads on Volvo Bus

That pretty much sums up why you should go for Volvo Bus Advertising. As surprising as it may sound, given how cost-effective and impactful bus advertising is, it still remains relatively unexplored in India and the goal is to undo that. And why? For the simple reason that you can easily reach a large target audience which includes not only on-boarders and commuters but also onlookers and those stuck in traffics. Moreover, today you have adhesive vinyl in place of normal paint to plant your message on bus surfaces which make it a cost-effective and time-saving branding solution for your company. Reason enough for you to have it work for you, isn’t it?

Volvos are luxury buses and have their tariffs slightly high priced as compared to the city buses for which a large chunk of its commuters belong to the middle and upper middle classes. What makes advertising in Volvo buses interesting is how you can have vinyl wraps covering bus surfaces or those covering the back seats or handles in the interior. Volvo Bus Branding gets more creative with placards of your brand’s name being handed over to commuters as they hop on and your brand’s ad being displayed on LCD screens inside buses. Given that these luxury buses are amply spaced out on the inside, your ad becomes more noticed and exhibits a positive impact of your brand on the onlookers’ minds.Volvo-bus-advertisement

The benefits of bus branding are enormous:

  • Volvo buses are a mobile medium of advertising and therefore, have a much wider coverage than any other outdoor media form.
  • Billboards in motion attract more attention and create a stronger impact.
  • Volvo Bus Branding can effectively be exploited for product launches because they can reach geographical areas that other forms of media cannot.
  • The single ad format can be applied to the glass windows of Volvo buses to create more impact.
  • Volvo buses are big in size and commute tirelessly, connecting the busiest to the remotest of places. This omnipresence allows your brand message to be carried to the streets and to a wide audience.

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