Expand Your Brand Visibility through Tourist Bus Ads


All You Need To Know About Tourist Bus Advertising

In the age of uninterrupted and continuous mobile and internet access, Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising is that extra mile you should be going with your marketing strategy. Why? The simple answer being that we spend more time outside the home than ever before and you can only imagine the intrigue an innovative OOH ad can create in the minds of consumers who, for all you know, can be your potential customers!

The DefinitionAdvertising on Tourist Bus

Tourist Bus Advertising refers to the ad displays placed on the inside and/or outside of tourist buses coupled with advertisements placed on bus stations to reach out to the audience that is expected to avail this tourist (inter or intra-city) buses.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The cost-benefit analysis yields positive results and two major factors work here: large-scale visibility and low cost. Statistical data show that display ads placed on the inside of these buses or on the roof or sides generate high impressions at a low CPM. The cost is considerably reduced when compared with advertising on other media such as TV, radio, cinema et al.

But why choose Tourist Buses?

Tourist Bus AdsUnderstand that tourist buses are always on the go and will be seen on the busy streets of a city. Advertising here will expose your brand to a wider audience and help you reach different demographics. You can reach out to tourists and local commuters in an attractive way by means of eye-catching tour magazines, full/partial ad displays, in-bus sampling, and videos.

Be smart about your choice. Tour buses are of great value in tourist cities as they attract more customers and onlookers. One of the more important reasons why tour buses should be your choice is that on-boarders spend much more time in these buses owing to long journey hours and therefore the number of impressions your ad can create in the course of one journey in the customers’ minds is large. And the more people notice and analyze your brand, the more successful you will be at creating powerful brand recognition for potential customers.

5-Step Process to Easy Ad Booking:

  1. Pick Your Choose: Tourist buses ply all across, in numerous cities. Choose the desired city in case of intra-city tourist buses or choose a route in case of inter-city tourist buses based on your desired TG.
  2. Allocate a Budget: Marketing experts suggest that 10% of a company’s annual earnings should be dedicated to advertising, 30% of which should be allocated to outdoor advertising. Of this, 40% should go to bus advertising. Calculate carefully, for on the basis of this will you be able to decide on an ad format for your campaign.
  3. Pick An Ad Format: There are a plethora of options to choose from. First, choose if you wish to place your ad on the inside or outside, on the roof or at the bus station. If on the exterior, your available formats are ‘kings’, ‘queens’ or even ‘full wraps’. On the other hand, in the interior are the ‘interior car cards’ or ‘michelangelos’ among others to choose from.
  4. Choose a Start Date and Ad Campaign Duration: The start date should be chosen such that it coincides with a simultaneous campaign or during seasons that attract maximum tourist customers so as to increase your impressions. It is recommended you book your slots well in advance and choose an appropriate duration for your ad campaign.
  5. Contact a Bus Ads Company: Having sorted the first four steps, all you are left with is to get in touch with an ad agency to book your ad.

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