Grab Instant Attention of target groups with right ad placements!


( A study on why Ambient Advertising is picking pace!)

With the Indian economy bustling with jostling brands to mark their presence in the consumer’s mind, advertisements have become imperative to the success of the brands. Whether the advertisements appear as print ads or hoardings, TVCs or radio jingles, they exist only to inform and promote a particular service or product garnering buyers for it. These promotions are often veiled under a creative banner to make them look less ubiquitous. But the key to successful advertising depends on the right ad placements. For what good is a great ad if it doesn’t reach the right target groups?

Mall-AdvertisingOne great way to reach out to your TGs is through Ambient Advertising. This type of advertising involves promoting your brand at a particular location where the needs of your buyer personas find resonance with your products and services. This can be the catchment area of a hospital for medical drugs or a mall courtyard with the latest sale on offer. It is more popularly known as Ambient Media Advertising or Ambient Advertising.

With the perfect placement of ads, you drive home the need for your products and services. These promotional locations muster a strong appeal to the buyers owing to the emotional connection between the setting and the product. These ads actually sneak on consumers when they least expect it. After all, advertising is all about engaging the prospective buyer’s interests and ambient ads do just that!

There are major advantages to the refined communications of ambient advertising. Some of them are

  1. PGrocery-Store-Adsrecise Targeting: Specific targeting of already piqued consumers who have already bonded with your product or service serves as an added advantage for this type of advertising. When near the cosmetics section of a mall, you give out free samples of your new sunscreen crème, you are sure to find women who can afford your product. Instead of targeting the whole lot of women out there using sunscreens, with “ambient media advertising” you are only targeting women who can be your potential consumers.
  2. Low on Cost: Ambient Advertising ensures to target interested consumers, so you save on trying to interest your consumers. Moreover, since buyers are already attentive in this case, engaging them is an easy task. Thus, you inherently spend less to attract your potential buyers.
  3. Consumer Focus: Ambient advertising is all about selling your brand to the already engrossed consumer taking advantage of their exuberant mood to propel sales.
  4. Easy Evaluation: Ambient Media Advertising provides an easy evaluation of your advertising technique. This easy evaluation is most prominent in the case of malls and other retail outlets like grocery stores and pharmacies where you can measure the success with sales. In other cases too, since it is location specific advertising and it allows consumers to make buying decisions quite near to the ‘products’ available for sale. This makes it is easy to evaluate the ad campaigns.

In India, ambient advertising has been quite popular over the years. Due to its inexpensive nature, Mall-Ads-Ambient-adsSMB advertisers have always found this advertising technique to be pocket-friendly. But over the years, even large corporates have seen the sense in Ambient Media Advertising.

Since ambient media advertising is able to engage audiences emotionally, advertisers in India have identified some ideal sites for such promotions in tandem with the TG’s mood. Some of them are


Shopping Malls have become the ‘in-thing’ for all age groups in India. Often people going to a mall have a list of things-to-do in their mind. Any advertisement that saves their time or money is bound to grab eyeballs. The courtyard of the mall, staircases, walls, pillars and shop windows all can be put to great use for ambient media advertising.

A very strong emotion prevalent in shopping malls is that of escapism, where people really want to splurge beyond prying eyes.  Ambient ads seize this opportunity with both hands to deliver you the expected results.


Hospitals are the most underutilised locations for ambient ads in India. The time spent in most reception lounges of hospitals are characterised by bored patients and their companions. Ads in hospitals affect consumers on two levels. On the first level, it drives away boredom engaging the target group’s attention to your ads of its own accord. And on the second layer, advertisements here can be easily relatable to. Imagine a toothbrush ad in a dentist’s chamber, where a mother has come to get braces for her child.

With the healthcare sector booming in India, hospitals are going to be next destination for Ambient Advertising.


Perhaps the most used Ambient Advertising site of India, are the airports. Along with long dwell-time airports are known for their suave, educated and affluent patrons who Airport-Concourse-Adsspend a considerable amount of time in security checks, airport concourses & lounges, baggage claims, food and beverage counters. This provides a bottleneck in passenger flow for advertisers to use. Research shows airport passengers are a lot more eager to try out new services or products. This can only be attributed to their emotional states while in the airport.

IT Parks

Over the years IT Parks have become the destination for upwardly mobile white-collared job holders in India. This lot is tech-savvy, affluent and can afford those highly priced real estate properties, foreign holidays or spas. Advertising to them isn’t easy with any other medium owing to their busy schedules. But ambient advertising can be ‘spot on’ with this lot!

The right ads at the right time in one of these workplace ads  can surely enhance your brand image and get you the crème of your clients.

Metro Stations

Metro-Ads-Ambient AdvertisingMetro Train is the trendiest mode of transportation in Indian cities today. They offer a quick and traffic-free journey for the intra-city commuter. Metro Stations register heavy footfalls like any other transit points. However, all metro stations do not witness the ‘same type of footfalls’. While some stations cater more to office goers others service students or homemakers more. These distinctions ensure each of these metro stations ‘unique’ advertising advantages to reach out to their target audiences.

Residential Complex

Most people living in a residential complex have the same socio-economic background, providing a specific target group that is economically more or less similar. Advertising in these Indian Residential Complexes, thus, makes ambient advertising more cost-effective for advertisers. Home equipment and gadgets like kitchen chimneys, gas stoves, water purifiers and others can fly off the shelf with ambient advertising in Residential Complexes.

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