What Is Ambient Advertising?


According to a recent estimate an average person gets exposed to 125 to 900 advertisements per day. Let’s think about an individual’s daily routine. She wakes up in the morning, probably checks her smartphone for social media updates and glances through her email, takes a shower, gets ready and while grabbing breakfast switches on the TV for some morning news and finally she flips through the newspaper for a quick glance. Even before stepping out of her house she has already been exposed to several ads through her social media pages, email, television and newspaper. What’s more, once she is out on the road the appearances of ads increase manifolds. With this horde of advertisements bombarding  individuals during their daily routine, it wouldn’t be wrong in concluding, that advertisements are slowly losing its receptivity and recall value. Recognising this problem, advertisers are now turning to new and unique form of outdoor advertising to convert eyeballs into revenues. This form is known as ambient advertising.

Ambient advertising is found in places where an ad is least expected to be found. It is beautifully interwoven in our general surroundings that calls for a spontaneous response. In other words, the name ambient advertisement can be given to any ad that is placed uniquely, or in an unusual manner in any place designed to catch just about  anybody’s attention. One of the common ways that agencies use ambient advertising is to make an object unusually large or small. For example, a large version of 3M Group’s product, Scotch Brite was placed outside a building with shiny glass window panels to emphasize on Scotch Brite’s cleaning ability. When a  life size version of any object is embedded in effective messaging, it is bound to draw attention.

There is a lot of thinking that goes into ambient advertising. The ads need to be strategically placed displaying the right message at the right time. Ambient ads will surprise you, jerk your mind and make you think but above all it will grab your attention. For advertisers aiming to create an impact on consumers’ minds, ambient advertising is a must!

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