Ambient Media Advertising: A Rising Trend


Alternate-Media-AdsHave you felt drawn to the huge structure at the mall atrium?

Did you find something at a restaurant that has made you pause and think?

Have you thought and talked about unique hoarding on the main street for a long time?

If yes, then, congratulations my friend you have been ensnared by an ambient media advertising campaign.

These are advertisements open a most efficient road to reach the consumers. Ads that create a lasting impression in consumer minds increase sales and make the brand more noticeable. With the ad clutter an individual faces daily, it is eminent for advertisers to create “kuch hatke” so that a lasting impression can be made in front of the consumer.

It is in the pursuit of this ‘standout ads’ that advertisers first devised Ambient Media Ads for the traditional UK markets in the late 1990s.

Alternate-Media-Advertising-SolutionsThis new advertising medium known as Ambient Medium Advertising helped brands to gain prominence and induce a different thought about a product or thing. The most amazing thing about ambient media advertising being that it requires no specific media. It can be placed anywhere and everywhere!

As the name suggest, Ambient Media Advertising takes into account the ambience / surrounding of the target groups (TG) before approaching them.

It is may also be called Alternate Media Advertising.

The concept of ambient media advertising is based on creating a unique space for the brands in the minds of consumers by providing some kind of memorable and thrilling experience in their otherwise calm world (ambience).

They are known for creating more interactive ads that permeate deep into the audience’s psyche leaving a memorable mark. As traditional advertising media like newspapers, radio, magazines, etc. got cluttered, the alternate media picked up pace.

Alternate-Media-Advertising-SolutionsIn India, alternated media advertising solutions have been growing at a steady pace the past decade. The metro cities with their fast-paced life demand something extraordinary for advertisements to garner attention.

The current trend aims to attract audience attention with peculiarly proportioned ads that raise interests and compel TGs to have a closer look. Specially designed hoardings, elevators, park benches, escalators, vehicle bodies, and sculptures are the harbinger of ambient media ads in India. Lift brandings, ads on bus handles, branding in mall/public washrooms, etc. have been leading the way to more creative ambient media ads.

These ads are found in high footfall locations and placed at spots where the TGs wouldn’t miss them.

New-Media-Advertising-SolutionsAmbient Media Advertising is not about any particular media. It is about making the best use of the available media to create something that shocks, surprises or piques curiosity of your target audiences.

Ambient Media Advertising solutions arise from a necessity to be different.

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