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Classified advertisements have always been popular in India. Classified ads have extraordinary reach, cost comparatively lower, and are very simple to compose. Classified text ads have always been the people’s advertising medium in India. The scope of choosing from a vast reserve of ad categories, coupled with an extremely high response rate has contributed to classified ads’ popularity.
Hindustan Times can qualify as one of the top newspapers in India any day of the week. A great platform for advertising, especially of the classified variety, Hindustan Times is best known for their accurate coverage of national and international affairs. Hindustan Times classified rates are also easy on one’s pocket.
Several surveys have led us to believe that Hindustan Times classified ads are among the most widely read newspaper columns. Ample advertising opportunities and a wide reader base can be credited for these accolades. You can advertise in many different ad categories, namely:

You can advertise in these wide categories in the following locations:

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The booking process is as follows:

  • Choose ad category
  • View rates and choose which edition you would want to advertise in.
  • Compose your ad
  • Select Dates
  • Clear Payment

During the composition of your ad, you can refer to a number of sample ads which can give you a good idea on how to compose your ad to get the best results. If you have any queries, you can mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.