Mall advertising: Reach customers while they shop!


So you are planning to promote your brand or its products in the market but confused where to advertise to capture the right audience! Well, it’s a dream for every advertiser to introduce their brand in a very vibrant and receptive environment.

[highlight style=”cream”] Here comes the unique concept of advertising in malls.[/highlight]

Mall houses different national and international brands, now if a shopper finds an advertisement that reads ‘offer or discount’ that would stimulate them more to take quick action to grab that special offer.mall-advertising

 Mall Advertising

Malls are the best places to target customers of diverse background because people from different cultures and economic status visit a mall more than twice or thrice in a month. Malls provide a wide range of options for fun-filled activities like shopping, movies, game zones, restaurants, cafes, spas and beauty parlours etc which attracts people of all age groups. You can see a child playing in a game parlour to an aged person reading a book and sipping his favourite beverage in a coffee shop inside the mall.

In a megacity, the mall culture has become very popular because of accessibility of getting everything under one roof. People often come to visit the mall to spend some leisure time with their dear ones. So if you can turn on their attention by your attractive campaigns you know what wonders it can do to your brand! Research suggests that on average an individual spends more than 3-4 hours in a mall , while many engage in window shopping or stroll idly and another 20% actually indulges into shopping or look out for special offers around them. So hitting them with relevant ads can help your company to raise the sales to a new height.  

mall-campaignAdvertising in malls has several benefits that a company can avail to reach out to the large urban population living in a city. Few merits are listed below:

  1. Huge footfalls: Malls usually receive a huge footfall throughout the year. On weekends and weekdays, it registers over 45,000 footfalls per day.  
  2. Captive audience: People spend more than 3 hours in a mall so it becomes easier for the advertiser to hit that customer repetitively . It helps to retain your campaign message for long in the minds of the target audience.
  3. Diverse target audiences: Mall offers different kinds of activities which attract people of all age groups. Usually, mall visitors come from affluent to middle- class background and they are more inclined on spending what they find new and attractive.
  4. Multiple ad options: Malls provide ample innovations like digital screens, kiosks, BTL activation, drop down etc which helps the advertiser to grab the attention of their target audiences.
  5. Unavoidable: The innovations are placed in such a way that they ensure your ad gets repetitive views. Right placement of ads makes it more prominent among the target audiences and they are bound to take a glance while passing across them.
  6. Instant Brand awareness: Advertising in malls helps to create brand awareness among the target market. The mall goers usually visit a mall twice or thrice in a month so when they see that same ad next time, it leaves a lasting impact on them.

mall-advertising-in-indiaBrands that utilize Mall Advertising: Renowned  brands like Samsung, Nokia, Lakme, Reliance, Spencer, Burberry, Michael kors, Gucci and many more national and international brands resort to Mall advertising as this is the most suitable platform for reaching out to the affluent class .

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Ad booking process:

The ad booking process is very easy, it will take only a few minutes to complete this entire process.

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