Catch the affluent class with Jet Airways


Entrepreneurs are always looking at innovative methods to engage their customers with their brands in every possible way. The ever-increasing competition in the market has widened the scope of advertising to a greater level. After train and buses, branding now touches the aircraft to cover every niche of advertising.  advertise-in-jet-airways

Advertising in Jet Airways

Jet airways are the second largest airline in India with a 21.2% market share in the civil aviation sector.  It is a Mumbai -based airline service that operates over 300 flights daily to 68 destinations across the globe. It functions from its main hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Its other secondary hubs include Chennai International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, IGI-Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

Jet airways offer its customers first, premiere and economy class service with different facilities. So the companies who want to advertise in the jet aircraft can reach out to the affluent class as well as the upper-middle-class in the same flight. According to the airline sources, Jet Airways carries more than 2.4 million passengers every month.

Jet airways fleet includes Airbus, ATR and Boeing planes. They are around 57.52m long and 60.304 m wide with huge accommodation capacity.  Therefore, advertisers can put up their campaign at display on the large carrier to grab the eyeballs of the target audience.

jet-airways-ad-campaignMerits: Advertising in Jet Airways aircraft has several benefits, which are listed below:

  •         Target the elite class – Advertising in Jet Airways can help advertisers to reach the high-income-group people, who are more aware of brands and maintains a higher standard of living.
  •         Captive audiences– Passengers spends 2-3 hours in the flight to reach their destination. So providing them leaflets, brochures can grab their attention to your campaign.   
  •         Multiple ad options– releaseMyAd offers different new innovations like aircraft wrap, seat branding, tray –tables and back seat branding, baggage tags; to attract the target audiences.
  •         Target foreign passengers– Jet Airways connects to different countries around the world so they has many foreign passengers who fly with them frequently.
  •         High visibility of brand – Advertising on Jet aircraft increases the visibility of your brand. Studies claim that it engages the passengers to your campaign as they tend to remain attentive in that environment. The long dwell time and their receptiveness create a favourable situation for the advertiser.

jet-airways-campaignBrands that resort to Jet Airways Advertising

Renowned brands like Reebok, Nokia, Aircel, FedEx, reliance, HSBC and many other brands utilise advertising on Jet Airways aircraft as they have high profile clienteles. So targeting this influential group can help you to double the present revenue of your company.    

With releaseMyAd, you can reach the affluent passengers of Jet Airways instantly. We are the leading advertising agency in India and have served more than a million customers over years. Our expert team guides you to come up with creative ad plans to grab the attention of the target market. With us, you can be sure to earn a high ROI and get the best advertising services for your brand. So start booking your ad campaign in Jet Airways with releaseMyAd.

Ad booking process:

The ad booking process of releaseMyAD is very easy; it will take only a few minutes to complete this entire process.

  • Visit our website (
  • Select Airline in the category and choose Jet Airways Advertising
  • Next choose the ad options, quantity, location and campaign duration
  • Then drop us a mail with the above details we will get lowest rates for you.
  • Once you receive the rate from us proceed to make the transaction on the website through our various online or offline mode of payment.
  • And your booking will be confirmed once you clear the payment.

Now get ready to see your brand glaring on the body of the carrier attracting numerous eyeballs.

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