How advertisements on Feeder Buses boost your brand image?


A promotional campaign designed around a feeder bus service can do wonders for your brand.

Feeder buses are known to carry regular passengers from one congested location to another. In India, the Feeder buses lug passengers from airports, local train/ metro stations to their place of work or study in Metros like Delhi, Noida, and Bengaluru.

There are major advantages of designing any ad campaign around Feeder Buses.


Feeder Buses serve as Moving BillboardsFeeder Bus Advertisement

The most important factor of advertising with Feeder Buses is that they serve as ‘moving billboards’ across their routes. Ads on Feeder Buses are huge and target audiences rarely miss them owing to their huge sizes. These huge ads on moving vehicles are thus, aptly termed as Moving Billboards.

Feeder Buses give advertisers the perfect opportunity to segregate and target audiences

As feeder buses travel only from one location to another, they carry the same type of people. For example, a bus taking passengers from the airport will either have air travel passengers or airport employees. This makes advertising easy for any advertiser. The research work needed for segmenting the audiences based on their socio-economic stature is reduced to a bare minimum. The target audiences are presented ads accordingly, then.

DMRC bus AdvertisingFeeder Buses move through congested areas leading to higher visibility of your ads

Feeder buses are connecting buses used to reduce the impact of traffic on really busy roads. Commuters use them as an alternative to private vehicles. The popularity of Feeder Buses has been growing in India. These free the roads of pollution and unnecessary vehicles that swallow up the roads.

This means Feeder Buses move through highly congested roads leading to higher visibility of the ads placed on them.

Feeder Bus Ad campaigns allow immense opportunities to repeat the ads at Minimal Costs

Advertising is all about staying on top of the consumer’s mind. And, ‘Ads on Feeder Buses’ do just that!

Since Feeder Buses travel on the same routes, daily commuters are bound to see your ads placed on them daily. The incredible visibility that Feeder Bus Ads provide lauds your brand image.

Advertising here repeats your ad message countless times to your target groups without you having to spend a penny on it.
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