5 Reasons Why State Bus Advertising Is Your Best Branding Partner?

Advertisements on State Buses are extremely effective. This is because most state governments in India run bus services to end the transportation woes of its people. With more than 25 such State Bus Services running in the country, they form a considerable mass of vehicles on Indian roads. These are cheap modes of transportation used every day by Indians that serve as excellent advertising media.HRTC State Bus Advertisement

Here are 5 reasons why State Bus Advertising is your best branding partner:

1) Mobile Billboards: Advertisements on buses are also called ‘Mobile Billboards’ because of their huge sizes and ability to move across. This allows bus ads a unique advantage. Advertisements on buses can move across a specific route time and again, hammering the ad message into the minds of the target audiences.

2) Exclusive Ad Spaces for High Impact Ads: Advertising with State buses ensure to provide you exclusive ad spaces that have a high impact on your audiences. You can try advertising with three-sided panels, bus back panel, bus wraps, two-sided panels etc. These specific ad spaces draw the attention of travelers on roads and have a huge impact on the masses.

3) Geographical Targeting: State Bus advertising allows you to geographically target your audiences. As these state –run buses move across the major roads of a state including in its main cities, they carry your ad messages across. You can thus, advertise on specific routes to ensure your ads reach these particular locations. Moreover, these state buses have routes that navigate from one state to another. You can put these buses to good use by advertising together in more than one state.

4) Strength in Numbers: With over 25 state run bus services, you can imagine the strength of the whole fleet. When these large number of vehicles carry your brand message across you are sure to reach a huge number of your target audiences. Promoting your brand through State Bus Advertising is advantageous to you by is sheer force of numbers.

5) Easy Segmenting and Targeting of Audiences: Most State Buses like MSRTC, TSRTC, APSRTC, etc. provide differentiated services including ordinary, semi-deluxe and deluxe. These bus services are differentiated according to their fares and facilities like seating and air-conditioning. This allows an advertiser to segment his inside the bus ads to suit the socio-economic standing of the passengers within the buses.

Check out the bus services run by different state governments where you can advertise here:

Andhra Pradesh-APSRTC-Deluxe Bus Andhra Pradesh-APSRTC-Ordinary Bus
Assam-ASTC-Semi Dlx. Bus Goa-KTC-6 Wheeler Bus
Goa-KTC-Marcopolo Bus Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus
Himachal Pradesh-HRTC Ordinary Bus Karnataka-KSRTC-Ordinary Bus
Kerala-KSRTC-Low Floor Bus Kerala-KSRTC-Ordinary Bus
Maharashtra-MSRTC-Ordinary Bus Maharashtra-MSRTC-Semi Delx Bus
Meghalaya-MTC-Ordinary Bus Nagaland-Ordinary Bus
Odisha-OSRTC-Deluxe Bus Odisha-OSRTC-Ordinary Bus
Punjab-PRTC Ordinary Bus Punjab-PRTC Semi – Dlx Bus
Punjab-PRTC Volvo Bus Punjab-Punbus Ordinary Bus
Punjab-Punbus Semi – Dlx Bus Rajasthan-RSRTC Ordinary Bus
Rajasthan-RSRTC Semi -Delx Bus Tamil Nadu-TNSTC-Ordinary Bus
Telangana-TSRTC-Deluxe Bus Telangana-TSRTC-Ordinary Bus
Uttar Pradesh-UPSRTC Ordinary Bus Uttrakhand-UTC Ordinary Bus
West Bengal-CSTC Deluxe Bus West Bengal-SBSTC-Ordinary Bus

You can easily begin your State Bus Advertising campaign with releaseMyAd. Our experts guide you through every step of the advertising process with the state buses. For further details contact us at 09830688443. Or write to us at enquiry@releasemyad.com.