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Planning to book automobile ads for Malayala Manorama? Now you can book vehicle ads instantly online at no extra costs from our Malayala Manorama Automobile Classified Booking Page.

You can also book your classified Ads for selling your Car in other newspapers such as  Hindustan, Times of India, The Telegraph, The Statesman from our online classified ad booking page. Enjoy additional discounts and offer packages while you book your  Auto ad for all major editions of Malayala Manorama through origin-of-newspaper-advertisingMalayala Manorama Vehicles Classified Booking Page.

2) Choose Automobile as your category.Specify your Automobile type in the sub categories for better response.  Don’t forget to specify your edition and package details.

3) Customize your Vehicle ads with additional enhancements, notes and much more. Make sure you pick classified display as your ad type when you want to add enhancements to your Automobile ad, or else simply select classified text.

4) Compose your ad, specify the date of publication and clear all your payments instantly online via our online payment options. Your automobile ad will receive instant confirmation as soon as the payment is received.

You can find out the complete details of booking Automobile ads for Malayala Manorama, Daily Thanthi, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India and other newspapers by visiting our rates and offers page.

Here is a list of basic rates of booking Automobile ads for some major editions of Malayala Manorama:

Basic rate for booking Classified text ads for Malayala Manorama (Kochi edition) : Rs 520/ 10 word

Basic rate for booking Classified display ads for Malayala Manorama (Kochi edition) : Rs 265/ sq cm

Special packages: • Malayala Manorama (All India + Overseas Editions) – For Rs. 1500/10 words

• Malayala Manorama (All Kerala Editions) – For Rs. 1100/10 words

For further information about booking your Vehicle Ads for  Malayala Manorama and other leading newspaper dailies refer to our FAQ page for instant newspaper classified


Book Vehicles Classified Ads Instantly Online at releaseMyAd

Main advantages of booking Malayala Manorama Vehicle/Automobile ads through releaseMyAd:

1) Instant hassle free booking of both classified display and classified text ads for no additional costs.

2) Customization options that lets you add message templates, pictures and all other kinds of enhancements to your Vehicles classified ad.

3) Instant payment options that lets you clear all your payments online via credit cards, debit cards or net banking. You can also choose cheque or cash while making payments. All online payment options are secured by industry standard SSL encryption technology. Further avail exciting discounts and offers while booking your ad through us.

4)  Enjoy unique features that lets you edit your ad matter until it is confirmed for release. Your ad will be processed and confirmed as soon as the payment is cleared.

Once you are convinced about booking your Malayala Manorama Vehicles ad through us start by clicking on start booking switch.

You can reach us on the following number:  09830629298 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10 am – 2 pm – IST) in case you have any queries regarding your Malayala Manorama Vehicle Ad Booking.You can also contact us through live chat or our email address available on the contact us page of releaseMyAd.

Choose to book your Vehicles ad for the following editions of Malayala Manorama:

·Malayala Manorama, Bangalore (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 24,448 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Chennai (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 10,788 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Kozhikode (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,36,782 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Mumbai (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 23,695 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Kannur (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,11,071 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Kochi (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 2,64,485 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Kollam (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,39,894 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Kottayam (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 3,08,361 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Malappuram (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,12,841 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, New Delhi (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 13,622 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Palakkad (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,03,978 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Pathanamthitta (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,13,309 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Thrissur (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,63,877 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Palakkad (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,03,978 copies)

· Malayala Manorama, Trivandrum (ABC Report, July- December, 2008- 1,73,041 copies)

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