Know all about a Public Notice Advertisement!


It may come as a surprise to many, but the concept of public notices has been in existence long before newspapers were invented. Centuries ago, in a time before newspapers existed, notices for the public would be posted in public squares. 

Over the centuries, public notices have undergone evolutions, and it was in the first English language newspaper, which was known as The Oxford Gazette, that the publication of public notice ads in newspapers became the norm. 

However, in the modern context, the term ‘public notice’ is used to refer to advertisements which are published in a newspaper with the objective of providing information to the public regarding matters of relevance to members of the said public. It is therefore a legal requirement that such ads be published in newspapers so that the members of the public are duly informed about any proceedings or decisions that may affect them. 

Public Notices in Newspaper

The publication of public notice ads in newspaper serves two primary functions. Of these two, the first is that publishing such an ad in a newspaper is fulfilment of a legal requirement, and secondly, public notice ads serve to provide information and knowledge to the public with regard to issues or events that affect them as well as public affairs in general. Typically, it is corporate organisations, government companies and other legislative authorities who publish public notice ads in newspapers. 

These advertisements are beneficial for the society at large in a number of ways. This is because public notice advertisements make specific information accessible to members of the public. The information provided are with regard to decisions or proposals made by the organisation or legislative authority, and they help the public make informed decisions pertaining to the subject matter of such advertisements. 

In other words, public notice ads are important because they help members of the public be aware of decisions that affect them, and give them a fair chance to influence the decisions that directly or indirectly affect them. One can say that public notice ads are necessary for a healthy democratic society like India to function effectively and for the benefit of the society at large. 

Given the fact that newspapers are a staple in essentially every household in India, publishing public notice ads in newspapers helps to make a large number of people aware regarding decisions that may potentially affect them. Advertisements have been a mainstay of newspapers for a long time and the advent of the internet has made it increasingly easy to book public notice ads online within minutes. 

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