Adwords Advertising gets simpler Through releaseMyAd


This is extremely simple and full of benefits! The advantages of creating an AdWords campaign through an agency like releaseMyAd is endless. A Google SMB partner like this agency is an invariable AdWords expert and therefore in a good position to be able to guide you through the process of launching an online advertising campaign. Half the work involved in advertising digitally is covered within the premise of just booking an ad through RMA. We shall see how.

Your first task is to visit where you click on ‘Start My Campaign‘ option. In just 3 simple steps you are to get started with your Adwords campaign.

1) Introduce your campaign.

For this:

  • You need to provide your target location wherein you are required to mention the city and country where you want your Ads to visible.
  • Mention of your product and service category which you want to promote on Google Search Result Pages. You may easily select your business category from among the ample options given in the drop down. In case you do not find the relevant category you can add as a custom category.
  • Tell us whether you have a website or not. Its good if you do but its no big deal if you don’t because we shall be most pleased to make an attractive landing pages for your business.
  • Provide your email Id to proceed to the next step.


2) Analyze Campaign Details.

  • Here:You first analyze your advertising keywords. You may ask for more keywords than the number served in one go. You may even reduce the size of the keyword list by getting rid of those keywords that you feel could be done away with and you could add your own terms. Placing the cursor of each keyword shows a pop up that tells you the number of searches earned by the keyword and also its estimated cost per click. The section on the right gives you an idea of the number of customer you may expect by way of searches each month. You are also shown your expected cost per click. This step is detailed enough to cover you Adwords campaign necessities from every direction.
  • In this step, you tell us how you would like to receive customer responses. You may choose to receive website visitors, email queries, of phone calls. We shall arrange for whatever you want.
  • Once you do that, you shall be asked for you contact details. Feed in the relevant information here and proceed to the next step.

3) Select a plan and make the payment.

  • You first select the number of visitors you’d like to receive each month on the number bar provided. According to that, you are shown a final estimation of the total number of your ad impressions besides the number of clicks you’d draw.
  • You give the email id in which you’d like the AdWords campaign proposal to be sent.
  • After that, you proceed to make the payment. This page shows a list on the left where the services you shall avail are marked. The pie chart at the centre gives you a good idea about the market extent you may reach out to with the premise of your budget.
  • A lot of you pricing questions are answered at the bottom of this page. Do take a look at them should you feel the necessity for it.

See, its cakewalk and the results you’d get out of organizing a campaign through an AdWords agency like RMA are as tasty as a freshly baked chocolate cake from Kookie Jar so get set go.  

releaseMyAd is one of the best online advertising agency which helps build perfect online adwords campaign which help you get right visitors to your site. If you have any queries to build your campaign through us you can email us or you can call us on  09830688443.

Author info:Suchandra Banerjee is an English grad pursuing her masters at present. She is currently interning at releaseMyAd and is thoroughly enjoying her time here given that the work is very exciting and edifying. She hopes to put to use the knowledge she is gaining here later on in her professional life. She is absolutely crazy about travelling and loves to read novels when she isn’t writing for us. She hopes to do atleast one-fifth of what her bucket list contains. We wish her all the best with that.