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Pune happens to be the eighth metropolitan city of India, and the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Pune is also a city of historical significance since it was the capital state of the Maratha Empire centuries ago. It is also regarded as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, as it lays stress on Marathi principles such as education, arts, theatre and music. Pune also serves as the base for a host of multinational and national companies.
As with any other modern urban city, Pune has its share of advertising needs. There are a host of advertising opportunities in Pune. You can advertise in newspapers, radio or over the medium of cinema. These three mega-platforms cover all demographics of Pune.
Pune was one of the first cities to house a multiplex in India, way back in 2001. Since then, the people of Pune have been avidly taking part in the multiplex revolution. The advent of multiplexes was so successful in India because these units offered audiences a lot more than what single-screened stand alone theatres did. Multiplexes are frequented by almost all groups of people, which make them a very good platform for advertising. In fact, it is almost a ritual for some families or groups of friends to make time for weekly visits to the multiplex. Also, due to the wide variety of cinemas that constantly run on the multiplex, advertisers can reach different target groups by choosing to advertise on the hall of their choice.

The cost of advertising in Cinema is surprisingly low, when you factor in the excellent opportunities that you get if done effectively. Affordable monthly charges make advertising in this medium economical. What’s more, you can get the best deals and offers from releaseMyAd, the best ad agency in Pune. In this medium, you can have the option of advertising through 10 second mute slides, or 20 second audio slides.

The most popular newspapers in Pune are the Times of India, Maharashtra Times and the Hindustan Times when it comes to English dailies and among the regional choices are Dainik Bhaskar, Lokmat, and Sakal. Newspaper advertisements have a high ad recall value, and are cost effective too. Newspapers enjoy prime circulation in Pune.
There are two main types of ads in newspapers, classified ads which are the more economic option, and display ads, which are for organizations, mostly. To book your ad in any of these newspapers, you can avail the services of releaseMyAd.
A large percentage of the population of Pune comprises of students who study in the numerous universities. Since majority of radio listeners are young professionals and students, the radio industry in Pune has grown by leaps and bounds. The most popular radio networks in Pune are Radio City 91.9 FM, Red 93.5 FM, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Radio One 94.3 FM. Since Pune hosts a number youth festivals, parties, and gatherings, the radio can be a handy tool for advertisement.
It is worth noticing that the cost of advertising over the medium of the radio in Pune is surprisingly affordable. Apart from getting the best deals from releaseMyAd, you also get a range of attractive offers from the same source. On top of these standard rates, the cost of advertising over the radio depends on the following factors:

  •  Ad location
  •  Ad duration
  •  Ad tenure
  •  Ad frequency

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