The various services provided by an Advertising Agency in Delhi

Services provided by an Ad Agency

Advertising agency provides a variety of different services to ensure its client’s product or services have the greatest chance of reaching as many end users as it can. They used to focus exclusively on preparing a commercial and releasing it. However with the changing nature of the market and increased competition their responsibilities are increasing. Its basic function involves planning, preparing and placing of ads. But nowadays agencies are branching out and focusing on advisory services which are traditionally non-advertising in nature such as market research.

The main functions of an Ad Agency in Delhi can be grouped under the following headers:

  • Account Management – Every individual client held by the agency is known as an account to the agency. The number of agency executives assigned to a client depends upon its size with large MNCs getting at least a couple of them while at other times a single account manager is tasked with coordinating with two to three smaller non-competitive companies. Their responsibilities initially include scouting for clients, locating them and negotiating a contract with them. Later their responsibilities involve working closely with those clients to develop their ads ensuring the client’s needs are looked after and their interest’s met. They assist the client in determining ad budget, mode of marketing communication and look after their regular administrative needs ultimately acting as a link between the rest of the ad agency and the client themselves.

    Account Management Component
  • Creative – These include all the activities which are aimed at creating the actual advertisement or commercial irrespective of medium. The creative team includes artists, designers, script writers, directors who shoot the ad in case of TV advertisements. Their talent levels often determine the success of an ad agency as they are tasked with what is possibly the most important service provided by an ad agency, building the actual ad itself. Their main job is to make sure the advertisement is appealing and attractive and the information the ad wants to convey to its target audience is done in a simple yet interesting manner.

    Creative Example
  • Market Research – Market Research had established itself as an increasingly important function in today’s competitive corporate world and all ad agencies are being pushed to provide this service as it is useful in more than one phase of a marketing campaign. Firms are using it before the launch of the product to understand buying habits of the target market, level of existing competition present in the market. After launching the campaign market research is used to measure its effectiveness so that additional steps could be taken to improve it. Finally after the campaign had run its course the data collected through marketing research is used to evaluate whether it had successfully achieved its objectives.

    Market Research components
  • Media Planning – Every advertising medium (newspaper, TV, radio, Internet, etc) has got its own unique set of Pros and Cons and cost and reach constraints. It is important that the ad agency takes the initiative to properly understand the client’s requirements and frame a media plan which suits its needs because it has the potential to make or break a campaign. This activity includes selecting the right media channel for the right marketing tool (same company may use different mediums for advertisement and sales promotion) and determining the media budget for its clients. For example, a local FMCG producer would only end up wasting resources if he buys an ad spot on a national TV channel while a MNC manufacturing FMCG goods would similarly derive little benefit by advertising only over the radio. This shows how media plans can vary to great extents even within the same sector.

    Media Planning Components
  • Branding – The main aim of all advertising is to build brand recognition and ensure the true message of the brand connects with the consumer. So one of the long term services that ad agencies are expected to provide is build a brand loyalty among its target market. A coordinated effort between various departments of the ad agency is a must to achieve this. The data collected by the market research department regarding what the target market prefers is in turn used by the creative department to build a suitable, catchy slogan.

    How to Develop a Brand
  • Public Relations – It is one of the ancillary services provided by the ad agencies. It mainly involves maintaining goodwill between the clients and other important stakeholders such as consumers, middlemen, media owners etc. It can be done by organizing media events and sponsorship fairs.

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