Hiring an Ad Agency Vs Maintaining an In-House Marketing Team in Delhi

In-House Vs Ad Agency

The dilemma that marketers of all size are often confronted with is whether to hire an external ad agency or employ an in-house marketing team. Large companies want to exercise a greater degree of control in how their marketing campaign is planned and hence are often left debating between an advertising agency (greater specialization) and in-house team (greater control) while smaller companies also face the same debate because of financial constraints. The best way to understand the benefits and drawbacks of hiring an ad agency or giving the responsibility to an in-house team would be to analyze the pros and cons of both and illustrate the situations where one can be preferred over the other.

The main points of contention which had to be considered while making the choice between ad agency and in-house team in Delhi are as follows:

  1. Specialized Skill Set – The Company would get experts from every field working on its campaign starting from creative professionals like artists, designers and writers to experienced professionals in other fields like website developers and media planners if it chose to hire an advertising agency. However in certain cases an organization is not interested in using the full bouquet of services that an agency offers but is just looking for a particular utility function like creating a jingle for an ad or social media marketing. In that case it might be more prudent to look within the ranks to see if someone can fulfill the role instead of hiring one of the larger full service ad agencies because they need not necessarily attract the best professionals across all fields. The other option available to the organization is to hire a creative boutique or a SEO agency to do its job but they can sometimes seem too low key or small for bigger organizations.

    The Pros & Cons of an Ad Agency and an In-House Team
  2. Cost – The cost is possibly the most important determinant for most organizations while selecting between ad agency and in-house talent. The immediate cost of hiring an ad agency is always more than assigning existing employees newer responsibilities to develop different facets of the marketing campaign. So, it is important to consider the opportunity cost rather than the actual cost. It has been observed that in the long run the cost of paying a regular salary and other benefits to a permanent employee becomes much more than paying a hefty retainer to an ad agency for a short period of time.

    When Ad Agency is preferred
  3. Duration of Project – This ties in directly with the cost factor explained above. If the advertising needs are periodic in nature then wasting resources training existing employees to perform a job which would only be needed for a short period of time does not make any sense. On the other hand a large organization which has some marketing need or the other to attend to throughout the year might very well be inclined towards developing the skills of its existing employees to ensure it is not always depending on an outside agency to meet its deadlines.
  4. Level of Control – The level of control desired by the organization also becomes an important factor while choosing between outside agency and inside resources. An outside agency won’t be as familiar with the brand personality which might make the organization uncomfortable about giving them full creative control of the campaign. The company personnel will be aware of its objectives, attuned to its needs and most importantly the organization would maintain complete control over the direction and the content of the campaign but they might be suffering from a lack of expertise.

    In-House team


The decision ultimately boils down to the company’s need of the hour and its scope. If the campaign the organization is undertaking is for a long term project over which it wants to maintain a strong level of control, then in such a case it is best to use in house resources. An Ad Agency might however be the preferred option if a company is looking for a large scale campaign albeit one that will run for a limited time.

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