Mysterious Google adwords campaign tricks unveiled via releaseMyAd


I am sure most of you might have come across this famous saying:“The greatest trick the Devil ever played was to make everyone think he didn’t exist “.

Surprisingly for me Google is equally deceptive when it comes to Adwords management.Let me unveil the prime mystery of Google – “Its complicated.Only if you are adwords management savvy go for it.”

There is no doubt about the fact that it is the best result driven advertising platform.It is easier to understand the advantages of Adwords but handling Adwords campaign to get requisite results is definitely not an easy task.

For new advertisers adwords is all about keywords and Ads.They take up on the challenging task of managing their adwords account by themselves.I am sorry to say but most of the self managed adwords account end up in the hands of professional adwords experts once they realise how complicated the entire process is.Most of our clients did the same until they realized that they need to stop and hire an adwords advertising professional like releaseMyAd to get results.

Here are some 80-20 rules revealed by releaseMyAd which can help you perfectly optimize your Adwords campaign by yourself.

1) Strike where you can have the massive bounce.

ad-at-right-timesImagine you are in an accident spot.You see a girl with sprained ankle and another boy bleeding profusely.What would you do?Of course you will help the boy who is bleeding.And if there is choice between this boy and another dead man?I am sure you will still save the boy as helping the dead would be illogical and unproductive.In the same way in your adwords campaign you always need pay more attention to the element that can help you create the maximum impact. It would be unfair to allocate your time and skills to optimizing ad groups that gets you microbic results.You need to drop the idea of “fair distribution” of time all the various parts of your campaign.Focus and work on what gets you better results.

There are many instances when I have come across adwords managers focusing their major time on ad groups that have produced on 10-20% of clicks.Working on those parts of your adwords campaign that are improbable of getting you impressive results is not a waste of time but is definitely a heedless decision .You should focus on these minute later and jump to focusing on ad groups that gets you huge magnitude of clicks.

This is releaseMyAd’s star trick as most of our advertisers expect an impressive result as soon as possible.We refrain from working on peanuts at the beginning of the campaign.

2)Invest Less Effort to get More Results.

Ad Groups Conversions Conversion Rate(after optimisation) Result
Ad Group 1 100 20% 120
Ad Group 2 30 20% 36
Ad Group 3 30 20% 36
Ad Group 4 40 20% 48

Isn’t 20% hike in 10less-effort-more-result0 conversions more desirable than 20% hike in 30 conversions! I am sure you have dispute on the given calculation.You can see working on Ad group 1(100 conversions) can enhance conversion by 20% resulting in 120 converted clicks.

Whereas if you are working on the poor performing Ad groups(2,3 & 4),you need to put more effort to get results as Group 1.Working on all these Ad groups will give a result equal to working to Ad Group 1 solely.Its always better optimize a single good performing ad group rather than optimizing all the ad groups.By focusing on the ad groups with the highest performance you need to put in less effort to expect more results.

Less effort can get you more results only if know the area you know to focus on.


3) Larger Search Volume assists you to analyse Ad Copy in a jiffy.more-data-better-results

Your prime ad groups are the ones that get you more sales and clicks.You are required to have statistical data to be able to detect the good and bad Ads.

Incase you are choosing the Ad with 4 conversions as a good one and deem a 3 conversion Ad as poor ,then you are making terrible mistake.

Test your Ads in your chief Ad groups this will get you valid data to analyse if your new Ad is performing better than the old one.It helps you test your Ad swiftly,helping you get the maximum return on investment.Testing on average or poor performing Ad groups is as bad as guesswork.


4)Your Efforts will be the same for -primary & secondary Ad Groups

time-managementIf you notice except for mining the search term report all the other efforts that you put into a primary and secondary Ad group is same,like:Bid management and adjustment, Ad Testing, Ad Optimization,etc.

You need to put in the same amount of time and effort for an Ad group with 100 clicks or an Ad Group with 1000 clicks.You should wisely spend your time in areas which can get you better ROI.

Don’t let Secondary Ad Groups escape your mind

By now you might have to the conclusion that you should ignore the secondary ad groups.That’s definitely not the right.In your adwords campaign there will come a point when your primary Ad group would saturate.Then,your secondary ad groups have a vital role to play.Its all about investing effort on right areas at the right times to get huge benefits.

releaseMyAd is the leading Google adwords campaign managing agency which helps advertisers to strike the perfect chords to get best return on their investment.We know the right strategies and right times to implement them.If you have business and want to promote it on Google?Why wait?Reach out to us on and we will work wonders for you.