releaseMyAd unveils the Secret Behind Successful Google Adwords Campaign


You need to know how to do it in order to be able to do it well. Creating an adwords campaign is no big deal but making it work is no mean task. The little advertisements that are presented to us once we type in a search query need to be well-crafted. Customer response greatly depends on how effective these are. I’ll show you ways and means to get those eyeballs towards your advertisements and eventually earn the clicks that you so deserve.

What is it that really works???

We notice a lavish usage of numbers in this ad. Numbers go a long way in boosting the prospects of an advert. Numbers draw attention by making the ad appear more simple. It appeals to the logical bent of mind that a serious searcher has. Numbers increase the precision of the ads. Here, the cost figure and the percentage given gives the customer an exact idea of what they are getting. Besides, price inclusion saves you a lot of unnecessary expenditure given that customers who do not want to pay the sum you’ve quoted won’t click on your ad.

A lot of symbols have been added here – The usage of characters like %, +, * and the registered trademark sign also makes this ad stand out.

Attractive offers– Offers attract people, especially us Indians. We all love to believe that we are getting the best possibe value for our money and if your advert successfully communicates the same to your prospective customers, then a lot of work is done. This ad makes a compelling offer.

Compelling calls-to-action– This urges the customer to make a move there and then. It spurs a customer to do what you want them to do.

In this ad, we note the usage of the trademark symbol in Accurameter™ Procedure. The ad thereby stands out and gives a sense of assurance to customers seeing the advertisement.

Putting phone numbers in the ad text can be an effective call-to-action. This tends to increase the boundaries of the customer’s comfort zone given that it subtly tells them that a human voice is waiting on the other side of the digits to answer all their queries and explain everything to them. This way, you draw in your customers by making them feel more comfortable.

Clearly communicating a benefit will be beneficial to you. Treating the neck pain with a barely invasive procedure is clearly an advantage. This is bound to lure in customers who would naturally want to know more about this.

The new things we notice here are:

  • The mention of a time frame in which the customer can expect results.
  • The  money saving offer.


  • This ad truly piques the interest. This totally draws you in. In dangles the pastry in front of you but to eat it, you need to click on the link and visit the page. This makes you yearn for what the advert seems to offer and makes you click on the ad.
  • Its a great decision to use a question mark at the end of the heading here. That way the advertiser abstains from making any lofty claims. He just seems to make a simple offer. A visitor’s scepticism is countered well that way.

Besides appealing to people’s fascination for lists, This ad offers a simple solution to a complicated problem and it also stirs up the visitor’s curiosity thereby drawing him in.

This advert has none of the conventional traits that is supposed to work for an advertiser but it has just one thing. Big names! This massively adds to the advertisement’s credibility.

It effectively aims at a narrow target audience but other than the fact that it draws in customers by giving them the hope of being entitled to a large sum, the word ‘free’ helps a lot. The offer of a free case evaluation is like offering a free sample online for leads. This goes a long way in optimizing for clicks.

It is the usage of quotes that make these adverts so effective. Quotes make the ad stand out, especialy the words that are put within quotes. It also speaks well of a company since it shows how others have testified for what they have to offer.


The insertion of an ad proof 25,000+ “Happy Customers” indicating how many customers the advertiser has already catered to speaks well of the advertiser.

These are simple tips that go a long way in improving your campaign and amplifying your profits three-fold if not more. Keep these in mind and you shall be rich but how far can an article explain the intricacies of ad creation. An expert always knows more and he constructs instinctively. He is constantly engaged in this and knows exactly what technique will work for what trade.

ReleaseMyAd is an expert by all means. We know what you need and we shall do it for you. Advertising through us will ensure your success.You can write to at or can call us on 09830688443.

Author info:Suchandra Banerjee is an English grad pursuing her masters at present. She is currently interning at releaseMyAd and is thoroughly enjoying her time here given that the work is very exciting and edifying. She hopes to put to use the knowledge she is gaining here later on in her professional life. She is absolutely crazy about travelling and loves to read novels when she isn’t writing for us. She hopes to do atleast one-fifth of what her bucket list contains. We wish her all the best with that.