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This is a fair deal wonderfully designed by Google to suit all kinds of customers. You have a good amount of control over the advertising expenses. You are free to set a daily ad-spend according to your personal budget.

Choosing a bidding strategy based on your goals

When an advertiser ‘looks up’ what you have to offer on Google, AdWords conducts an auction to determine which adverts are to be shown to the searcher. In order to put your ad in the auction, you have to select a way of bidding that ought to be chosen on the basis of your goals and desires. We must:


  • Focus on the number of clicks received by the ad. This is CPC or Cost Per Click  bidding which is recommended if you want to channelise customers towards your website.
  • Concentrate on your desired number of impressions. This is the CPM or Cost Per Impressions bidding method. This applies to brand fostering and is consequently used in the Display Network.
  • Concentrate on the conversion figures- This is CPA or Cost Per Acquisition bidding recommended for those advertisers who prioritize conversions or lead generation.

Advertisers generally go for the CPC bidding strategy at the beginning thereby accruing costs on the basis of number of clicks received. Here, the expenses the advertiser incurs partly depends on the max CPC bid set by him. This is the most the advertiser is willing to pay unless he has made provisions for bid adjustments or has employed ECPC or enhanced CPC. However the maximum amount the advertiser has to pay is actually what is basically needed to retain his ad position and this is what is referred to as the actual CPC.

Cost Control

The daily budget of the advertiser is what he wishes to pay everyday for each and of his adwords campaign in his AdWords account. He has complete freedom to control his budget amount each day.

We have seen how the actual CPC and the Max CPC are different and the actual CPC thereby varies with various auctions. However, despite this variation, the daily budget limits the per day overall expenditure of the advertiser. Google however is quite generous and benevolent. It therefore makes way for 20% more clicks than specified in the advertiser’s daily budget. This is called Overdelivery. It helps in compensating for those days when the ads are not in a position to perform that well given the laziness of the online traffic or a lack of exposure. Within a given billing duration however, the advertiser is never charged above 30.4 times, which is the average sum of days in each month.

Tweaking Bids

In the CPC bidding strategy, the advertiser is always free to lowe his bid amount but that might lead to the ads showing up in an ad position lower than normal on page 1 of search results. A higher mac CPC bid puts the ad in a better position to shown higher up in in the resuts page. Putting the bidding method in an autopilot mode by employing Automatic Bidding is a good option. If you give a daily budget, then AdWords itself will adjust the CPC bids to ensure that you receive as many clicks as possible within the boundaries of your budget.

Optimizing to receive the maximum value out of the investment made.

Google has crafted an excellent measuring engine called Quality Score. It gives an estimation of how relevant each component is in an ad, starting from keywords to landing pages to an online searcher. The more the Quality Score, the lesser the costs incurred.

For the Quality Score to be good, the advertiser must choose keywords of good quality and make the ads as relevant as possible. One could

Make ads which are relevant to his keywords and the product that he is advertising. The more relevant the ad, higher its position and greater the number of clicks.

Select phrases or terms that will, most probably, be used by the searchers.

 releaseMyAd makes keyword selection fairly simple and very effective. The advertiser covers a great deal of work involved in keyword selection and customization simply by way of completing the booking process for an online advertising campaign on our website

Google Keywords

We have an exclusive keyword planner designed to give the applicant an abundant supply of keywords suggestions precisely in sync with his trade.

The keyword cost estimator gives the advertiser a clear idea of his expected ad-spend for every single keyword, the expected number of searches for each and every one of them.

The tool shows a decisive estimation of the advertiser’s overall expenditure and his expected number of clicks within the budget.

We show the advertiser a pie chart that gives him a picture of the extent of his market coverage. That way he can adjust his budgets to suit his purpose.

We also offer a negative keyword planner where the advertiser may mark all those keywords which might be redundant for his campaign but would be a trigger for his ad to show up. This helps the advertiser to stay clean of unnecessary expenditure.

The best part is this that you get to do all this within the short procedure of booking an ad through us. We ensure you that you shall get the best possible value within your budget. We shall see to it because your profit is your priority.

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