Deliver your Objectives Perfectly to your AdWords Agency to get Results


It’s objectively easy for you to come across numerous guides on the internet that educate you on the various concepts of online advertising, such as PPC and Google AdWords Management, and many more. However, few guides actually focus on how to effectively utilize that knowledge to get the best out of your agency, and subsequently, out of Google AdWords. Today, you are going to learn about ways through which you can effectively communicate your exact needs to your PPC agency, to ensure long-term success for everyone involved.

Here are a few tips that for you, the client, in an endeavour to help you communicate effectively with your PPC company:

1.Schedule Frequent Meetings

Although this might hardly sound as a tip, most clients overlook this detail, taking it for granted. If you have taken the trouble of educating yourself about the how’s and what’s of online advertising, you should take these meetings seriously. Schedule the meetings in your e-mail client’s calendar so that you do not overlook them. If you miss a meeting due to unforeseeable circumstances, make sure you reschedule them. Viewing and analysing progress reports should be a priority for you. Also, if possible, create an itinerary of topics you need to address and discuss in the meeting.

2.Clarify your Goals

There are certain nuances with respect to online advertising that you need to be aware of. For example, when you mention your desired keyword costs, CPC, CPI and CPL figures to your agency, make sure you take into account the exact nature of the deal. Although no one is at fault, certain confusions often arise with respect to the clarification of the goals-yours and the agency’s. What you need to practice is complete transparency when it comes to your expectations and goals. When you review the performance data, make sure that all the data is understood mutually and all aspects of the numbers are clarified.

3.Clear Doubts

As discussed earlier, communication problems might give rise to a host of difficulties, when policies mis-match and instructions and directives are misunderstood. To avoid all these unnecessary hassles, simply ask questions. Remember, that the only stupid questions are the ones that you don’t ask. It wouldn’t take long for you to explain your exact goals, or to understand what a particular part of the report signifies, so by all means, ask, ask and ask some more.

4.Reap the Benefits of Transparency

Most agencies give their clients full access to the numerous accounts that they have set up for them. If not at first, most agencies will provide you full access of the aforementioned accounts upon request. However, it is important for you, as the client, to do your part and keep tracking and noting the development of your account. Aside from monthly or weekly reports from your agency, you can also rely on yourself to be in the loop of what is happening. Try to form your own ideas when you see performance dipping, and even when they are improving.

5.Express your Concerns

When you come across something in your account that bothers you, make sure you notify your agency. It is not advisable to sit on your problems, as that will ultimately harm your campaign. As I had mentioned earlier, do not be afraid to ask or clarify your doubts. When something bothers you, and you go to clarify it with the agency, it might turn out that it wasn’t actually a big deal, but do not let that bother you. It’s important to note that your PPC agency is ultimately your partner.


It’s very important that you be in the loop at all times, and a culmination of all these practices and a certain level of devotion to your cause can bring about great changes. You can start your own Google AdWords Campaign via releaseMyAd. Visit our website to start your own campaign. If you have any queries, you can mail us at, or call us on 09836068426.